D&D Weather Changes by Season
D&D Core Info

Seasonal Weather

You rolled a 3. Choose a season below to determine the weather.
Random Roll: d6 = 3
d6 Summer Summer-Fall Fall Fall-Winter
1 Summer:  Heavy Winds Summer-Fall:  Hot Fall:  Rain Fall-Winter:  Cold and Rainy
2 Summer:  Very Hot Summer-Fall:  Warm Fall:  Scatter Showers Fall-Winter:  Clear and Cool
3 Summer:  Hot Summer-Fall:  Clear Fall:  Cloudy Fall-Winter:  Cold and Windy
4 Summer:  Warm Summer-Fall:  Bright Fall:  Clear and Cool Fall-Winter:  Chilly and Overcast
5 Summer:  Clear Summer-Fall:  Scattered Showers Fall:  Chilly Fall-Winter:  Hail
6 Summer:  Warm with Cool Breeze Summer-Fall:  Cloudy Fall:  Bright Fall-Winter:  Light snowfall
d6 Summer:  Winter Summer-Fall:  Winter-Spring Fall:  Spring Fall-Winter:  spring-Summer
1 Summer:  Showers, Some Hail Summer-Fall:  Scattered Showers Fall:  Heavy Rain Fall-Winter:  Cloudy
2 Summer:  Scattered Showers Summer-Fall:  Snowing Fall:  Light showers Fall-Winter:  Clear and cool
3 Summer:  Snowing Summer-Fall:  Freezing Fall:  Cloudy Fall-Winter:  Bright
4 Summer:  Freezing Summer-Fall:  Heavy Rain Fall:  Clear and Cool Fall-Winter:  Windy
5 Summer:  Cloudy and Cool Summer-Fall:  Light Showers Fall:  Clear and Cool Fall-Winter:  Warm
6 Summer:  Clear and Cool Summer-Fall:  Cloudy Fall:  Bright Fall-Winter:  Clear

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