Harvesting & Loot


The creature stands about 6 to 7 feet tall and weighs around 140 lbs., its height accentuated by its elongated form. Its body is so gaunt that it appears skeletal, covered in form fitting, black, leathery skin. A thick, dark red paste is secreted from its odorous pores that is both slippery and acidic. Its talons are often coated in blood, filth, and rotten flesh, resulting in its terrible stench. Contrasting its emaciated form are its oversized extremities, as its hands, feet, and head are more appropriately scaled for a hill giant.

AC: 16           HP: 82
CR: 4           Size: M

Harvesting Note: Demons slain on the Material Plane dissolves into a foul ichor, and return to the abyss. To properly harvest a demon, they must be killed in the Abyss.
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