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The canoloth is 4 feet tall and 6 feet long, resembling a giant canine with insect-like traits, such as chitinous armor plating. Its a hulking, 400 lb. beasts with short, stubby forelegs and clawed feet. Within its mouth are two sets of teeth and a long barbed tongue, several inches thick, that can flick outward up to 20‒30 feet. It lacks eyes, but has large gaping nostrils at the front of its skull, and navigates using its powerful olfactory and auditory senses.

AC: 16           HP: 120
CR: 8           Size: M

Harvesting Note: Yugoloth's slain on the Material Plane dissolves into a dark ichor, and return to Gehenna. To properly harvest a yugoloth, they must be killed in Gehenna.