Harvesting & Loot


A demonic cross between a fly and a human. With the body of a giant fly, it bears two sets of large, buzzing wings and carries six limbs, the two forelimbs resembling long, slender human arms with long-fingered hands, the other four being hooked insectoid limbs. Emerging from its thorax, it has a head vaguely like that of a human, but ugly and exaggerated, with compound eyes, and a long needle-like nose. This nose is hard, sharp, and is used to stick into enemies and suck their blood. Its maw contains black, bony ridges rather than teeth, and its tongue is hollow. Tufts of wiry hair sprout from between the black plates that cover its thick, insectoid body. The creature can walk upright or crawl upon walls and ceilings as they will, and of course can fly with excellent maneuverability.

AC: 15           HP: 84
CR: 6           Size: L

Harvesting Note: Demons slain on the Material Plane dissolves into a foul ichor, and return to the abyss. To properly harvest a demon, they must be killed in the Abyss.
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