Harvesting & Loot


With a broad, muscular body, the creature stands around 12 feet tall [average: 9‒15 feet] and weighs around 5,500 lb. Its most physically bewildering features are its two pairs of arms, each with a different extremity. Its main arms are monstrous limbs that end in powerful pincers, while the smaller humanoid pair end in clawed hands and protrude from above its stomach. Goat horns adorn the top of its canine head and numerous fangs rest in its muzzles. Its wrinkled skin ranges in tone from deep russet to pitch black. A pair of cold, red, piercing eyes hint at its great intelligence, contrasting with its bestial appearance.

AC: 17           HP: 157
CR: 9           Size: L

Harvesting Note: Demons slain on the Material Plane dissolves into a foul ichor, and return to the abyss. To properly harvest a demon, they must be killed in the Abyss.
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