Harvesting & Loot


A sibriex is a bloated, 15-foot tall demon that is little more than an enormous, deformed head. Its misshapen body is covered in lesions and puss-covered flesh, that constantly exude streams of blood and bile, polluting the ground and withering plants wherever it goes. Its face is the size of a wagon, with shriveled appendages ending in trembling digits where its ears would be. In place of a neck, its underbelly hosts a writhing mass of stalks, puckers, and feeding tubes. Although it could lazily float through the air, a sibriex often wears a steel chain body harness wrapped around its form, that firmly tethered them to the ground. When they wanted to "walk" along a solid surface, they would animate the chains to stab into the ground, in a crawling fashion.

AC: 19           HP: 150
CR: 18           Size: H

Harvesting Note: Demons slain on the Material Plane dissolves into a foul ichor, and return to the abyss. To properly harvest a demon, they must be killed in the Abyss.
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