Harvesting & Loot

Spined Devil (Spinagon)

The creature has a devilish, gargoyle-like appearance and spines bristling all over its humanoid form. A set of dark, leathery, ragged wings stretch out from it's back. It stands almost 3 feet tall and weighs only about 40 lbs. It has long, keen talons at the end of its hands and feet. You see glowing muted red eyes, and emits high-pitched giggles and shrieks. In one of its hands is a long, three-pointed military fork.

AC: 13           HP: 22
CR: 2           Size: S

Harvesting Note: Devils slain on the Material Plane combust into ash or dissolves into a foul ichor, and return to the Nine Hells. To properly harvest a devil, they must be killed in the Nine Hells.
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