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Residential Building

An apartment building full of 2 bedroom apartments.

Residential Building , a D&D map

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Structure Costs and Information

Below are structural costs and components, in case the DM wants to offer the player(s) a home or business for sale (as described on our Strongholds page).

Apartment, Basic (2 Bedroom)

Build Cost: 1,100 gp
Rental Cost: 6 gp per month
Size: 1,300 sq. ft.
Part Lists:
    Basic Bedroom Suite (1)
    Basic Common Area (1)

This is a 2 bedroom apartment, with a simple living room and two separate sleeping chambers. The furnishing is modest and unadorned, with little wall decorations. There is a small fireplace in the living room, with a square common table and two chairs, a small bench and end table, and some shelves for storage. Each bedroom has a straw-stuffed mattress with a simple wooden frame, flanked by an end table. One room has a wooden dresser, and the other has a standing wardrobe closet. There is a tiny bathroom with a latrine, just off the common area.

Note: Purchasing an apartment is much more common than building a single apartment onto an existing structure. The DM can use their discretion when determining the apartment pricing, as many factors may influence the cost: Is the apartment on a high floor, and are there stairs (no lift)? Is there a private bathroom in the room, or is it shared by everyone on the floor? What area of the city/town is the building located in (rougher neighborhoods will cost less)?

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