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Wizard's Tower

A 3-story wizard tower, with a full library, alchemist's lab and magic laboratory.

Wizard's Tower , a D&D map

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Structure Costs and Information

Below are structural costs and components, in case the DM wants to offer the player(s) a home or business for sale (as described on our Strongholds page).

Wizard Tower

Build Cost: 31,800 gp
    +8825 gp (Has stone walls, and anything above floor 2 costs more)
Rental Cost: 170 gp per month
    +49 gp/mon. (Has stone walls, and anything above floor 2 costs more)
Size: 5,950 sq. ft.
Part Lists:
    Fancy Alchemical Laboratory (1)
    Fancy Library (1)
    Fancy Magic Laboratory (1)
    Fancy Study/Office (1)
    Fancy Kitchen (1)
    Fancy Storages (2)
    Basic Bedroom (1)
    Fancy Bedroom (1)
    Servants' Quarters (1)

Minimum Staff:
    1 Alchemist
    1 Apprentice spellcaster
    2 Cooks
Minimum Wages:
    132 gp/month

This well-appointed 3-story tower has everything a wizard would need for arcane experiments and spell research.

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