Riddles Page 11

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Riddle 201

What does man love more than life,
hate more than death or mortal strife;
That which contented men desire,
the poor have, the rich require;
The miser spends, the spendthrift saves,
and all men carry to their graves?

Riddle 202

To exit from this awful place,
The eastern corridor you must pace
And chant the magic words:
The correct pronounciation of OWAH TAGOO SIAM is "Oh, what a goose I am".

Riddle 203

A life longer than any man,
it dies each year to be reborn.
A tree

Riddle 204

In the eyes it causes blindness,
in the nose just a sneeze;
Yet some suck this down,
and act as if pleased.

Riddle 205

It stands alone, with no bone or solid form.
Adamant, it prospers never wrong,
though hurt it may.
Twistable, malleable, might it be,
but always straight as an arrow.

Riddle 206

What sphinxes employ,
the players enjoy.
A riddle

Riddle 207

A man of a hundred stood out in the cold,
Exchanged his gay headdress, of colors
most bold,
For one of pure ivory, just now a day old.
But though freshly dressed, the old man
stood alone -
It was his misfortune to live on a wold.
A tree. It is late autumn, and snow has just fallen over the brightly colored leaves. Trees of course live to a great age and would be a rarity on a grassy plain (i.e. a wold)

Riddle 208

There's someone that I'm always near,
Yet in the dark I disappear.
To this one only I am loyal,
Though in his wake I'm doomed to toil.
He feels me not (we always touch);
If I were lost, he'd not lose much.
And now I come to my surprise,
For you are he - but who am I?
Your shadow

Riddle 209

I'm often held, yet rarely touched;
I'm always wet, yet never rust;
I'm sometimes wagged and sometimes bit;
To use me well, you must have wit.

Riddle 210

The only tool which sharper grows
Whenever used in any row.
Tongue. A "row" is an argument or quarrel

Riddle 211

In the window she sat weeping.
And with each tear her life went seeping.
A candle

Riddle 212

I'm not really more than holes tied to more holes;
I'm strong as good steel, though not as stiff as a pole.
A chain

Riddle 213

I've little strength, but mighty powers;
I guard small hovels and great towers.
But if perchance my master leaves,
He must ensure he safeguards me.
A key

Riddle 214

The floor's on top, the roof's beneath,
And from this place I rarely leave.
Yet with the passing of each day,
A new horizon greets my gaze.
A sailor on a ship

Riddle 215

Delivered by breath,
scares heroes to death.
A riddle

Riddle 216

In daytime I lie pooled about,
At night I cloak like a mist.
I creep inside shut boxes and
Inside your tightened fist.
You see me best when you can't see,
For I do not exist.

Riddle 217

Devils and rogues know nothing else,
save starlight.

Riddle 218

Both king and horse have this, of course,
But you'll want neither of them, perforce.
Reigns / reins

Riddle 219

My little fish-pond.
It contains one fish.
It has three outlets.
A coconut

Riddle 220

My spring up on the cliff,
Three walls and you reach water
A coconut
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