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Riddle 241

I have no beginning, I do not end;
I can be warm, I am cold;
I imprison, I surround.
Heavy I am, but light as well.
A fist may not find use for me,
I am male, I am female,
I encircle, I bind.
I have no ending, I do not begin.

Riddle 242

I sit on the ground
Finger up-raised to heaven.
I speak with clear tones
And aim for others
To go where I point.
A church (steeple, or tower)

Riddle 243

There is a bush fit for the nonce
That beareth pricks and precious stones
The fruit in fear some ladies pull.
Tis smooth and round and plump and full...
They put it in, and then they move it,
Which makes it melt, and then they love it.
So what was round, plump, full and hard
Grows lank and thin and dull and marred...

Riddle 244

Look into my face and I'm everybody;
Scratch my back and I'm nobody.
A mirror

Riddle 245

A man rode to town on Friday.
He stayed there all night,
and came back on the same Friday.
How can this be?
His horse is named "Friday"

Riddle 246

I have legs but walk not
A strong back but work not
Two good arms but reach not
A seat but sit and tarry not.
A chair

Riddle 247

In marble halls as white as milk,
LIned with a skin as soft as silk,
Within a fountain crystal-clear,
A golden apple doth appear.
No doors there are to this stronghold,
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold.
An egg

Riddle 248

I am so simple,
That I can only point
Yet I guide men
All over the world.
A compass

Riddle 249

A house of wood in a hidden place
Built without nails or glue
High above the earthen ground
It holds pale gems of blue.
A nest

Riddle 250

Inside a great blue castle
Lives a shy young maid
She blushes in the morning
And comes not out at night.

Riddle 251

I can be touched
But I hurt those who touch me
I move swiftly through a dry forest
But die in a mountain stream
Where I pass I leave a black shroud.

Riddle 252

Though I dance at a ball, I am nothing at all.
A shadow

Riddle 253

Goes over all the hills and hollows,
Bites hard, but never swallows.

Riddle 254

I walked and walked and at last I got it;
I didn't want it, so I stopped and looked for it;
When I found it, I threw it away.
A thorn

Riddle 255

Lives in winter, dies in summer,
Grows with its root upwards.
An icicle

Riddle 256

Fatherless and Motherless, born without sin
Roared when it came into the world,
And never spoke again.

Riddle 257

When you look into my face,
I shall never lie;
Instead be but a window into your soul,
whether there light or shadows hide;
As in me many see their deaths
where others see their lives;
In this deny me many try,
but they simply twist their knives;
For though prejudiced to some I may seem,
The lie is their own lives.
A mirror

Riddle 258

I am the part of the bird
that is not in the sky,
Who can drown in the ocean
and yet remain dry.
A last vestige of man
that refuses to die.
In mourning I am tossed
at your feet to lie;
I begin my job early,
devouring your ankles and thighs.
I work my way up,
eating your legs to your waist.
And though around midday away I am chased,
I return quickly,
To savor the arm of my taste.
As evening falls I enter your lungs,
Spiraling down
past your mouth and your tongue.
I feast on your body, your soul, and your mind,
but as darkness falls you shall find
That away I will go, a relief for some;
At least until tomorrow morning comes.
A shadow

Riddle 259

As destructive as life,
As healing as death;
An institutioner of strife,
Just as prone to bless.
It is all that is good,
Yet with an evil trend;
As it was the beginning of things,
It can also be the end.
Answer 1: Fire
Answer 2: Love also seems to work (though it was not the intended answer)

Riddle 260

As beautiful as the setting sun,
As delicate as the morning dew;
An angel's dusting from the stars
that can turn the Earth into
A frosted moon.
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