Riddles Page 18

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Riddle 341

What fire nor water can kill
But wind can easily blow away uncountable
But still not a copper worth to pay
Sand (a grain of)

Riddle 342

I grow for a surface, even if you cut me. I continue to grow even after death.
Human Hair

Riddle 343

Hard to catch
Easy to hold
Can't be seen
Unless it's cold
Your breath

Riddle 344

What flies without wings?
What passes all things?
What mends all sorrow?
What brings the morrow?

Riddle 345

What gets bigger the more you take away?
A hole

Riddle 346

I fly through the air on small feathered wings, Seeking out life and Destroying all things What am I?
An arrow

Riddle 347

A dragons tooth in a mortals hand, I kill, I maim, I divide the land.
A sword

Riddle 348

Up on high I wave away
but not a word can I say
A flag

Riddle 349

I have a neck
But no head.
I have a body
But no arm.
I have a bottom
But no leg.
What am I?
A bottle

Riddle 350

tear one off and scratch my head, what once was red and is black instead?
A match

Riddle 351

The 8 of us move back, and forth
to protect our king from the foes attack. What are we?
Chess pawns

Riddle 352

If you look at the numbers on my face, You wont find 13 any place
A clock

Riddle 353

I'm always quite shy & live like a hermit,
then appear unexpected for masses to marvel at,

you'll see me in the distance dancing with rain
but if you search for my home - it'll end in vain,

too enchanting to see close-up be content from afar,
for my beauty rivals that of the nearest star!
A rainbow

Riddle 354

There is one that has a head without an eye,
And there's one that has an eye without a head.
You may find the answer if you try;
And when all is said,
Half the answer hangs upon a thread.
A pin and needle

Riddle 355

It is said among my people that some things are improved by death.
Tell me, what stinks while living, but in death, smells good?

Riddle 356

I know a word of letters three.
Add two, and fewer there will be.
The word "few".

Riddle 357

When young, I am sweet in the sun.
When middle-aged, I make you gay.
When old, I am valued more than ever.

Riddle 359

I am only useful
When I am full,
Yet I am always
Full of holes.
Sieve (or sponge)

Riddle 360

Five hundred begins it, five hundred ends it,
Five in the middle is seen;
First of all figures, the first of all letters,
Take up their stations between.
Join all together, and then you will bring
Before you the name of an eminent king.
DAVID (roman numerals)

Riddle 361

Ripped from my mother's womb,
Beaten and burned,
I become a blood-thirsty slayer
What am I?
Iron ore.
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