Riddles Page 19

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Riddle 362

I build up castles.
I tear down mountains.
I make some men blind,
I help others to see.
What am I?

Riddle 363

With thieves I consort,
With the vilest, in short,
I'm quite at ease in depravity;
Yet all divines use me,
And savants can't lose me,
For I am the center of gravity.
Letter 'V'

Riddle 364

When I am filled
I can point the way,
When I am empty
Nothing moves me,
I have two skins
One without and one within.

Riddle 365

Lovely and round,
I shine with pale light,
grown in the darkness,
A lady's delight.

Riddle 366

To unravel me
You need a simple key,
No key that was made
By locksmith's hand,
But a key that only I
Will understand.
Cipher, code

Riddle 367

I drive men mad
For love of me,
Easily beaten,
Never free.

Riddle 368

Until I am measured
I am not known,
Yet how you miss me
When I have flown.

Riddle 369

All about, but cannot be seen,
Can be captured, cannot be held,
No throat, but can be heard.

Riddle 370

This darksome burn, horseback brown,
His rollock highroad roaring down,
In coop and in comb the fleece of his foam
Flutes and low to the body falls home.
What is this writer talking about?
A river, (Gerard Manley Hopkins)

Riddle 371

Many-maned scud-thumper,
Maker of worn wood,
Portly pusher,
Ocean, (John Updike)

Riddle 373

I have a leg but I do not move,
A face but no expression,
Be it wind or rain I stay outside.
What am I?

Riddle 374

It's in your hand though you can not feel it.
Only you and time can reveal it.

Riddle 375

What has curves, but is not living?
A river

Riddle 376

A black hearted creature with a sting from behind,
Minus my last letter from my name and you shall find;
People believe in my predicting ways
Yet its luck that guides them right.
What am I?
scorpion ... minus the N is Scorpio, the horoscope sign

Riddle 377

Three lives have I.
Gentle enough to soothe the skin,
Light enough to caress the sky,
Hard enough to crack rocks

Riddle 378

Thirty white horses,
Standing on a red hill,
First they stomp,
Then they chomp,
Then they stand still.
What am i?

Riddle 379

What gets wetter when it dries?
A towel

Riddle 380

You are in a cold house in the winter. It is dark. You have one match. There is a candle and a wood burning stove. Which do you light first?
The match

Riddle 381

Ripped from my mother's womb, Beaten and burned, I become a blood-thirsty slayer. What am I?
Iron ore

Riddle 382

Lives in winter, dies in summer, grows with its root upwards. What is it?
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