Riddles Page 20

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Riddle 383

Runs over fields and woods all day, Under the bed at night, sits not alone, With long tongue hanging out, Awaiting a bone.

Riddle 384

What starts with "e" ends with "e" and contains only one letter?
An envelope

Riddle 385

Born at the same time as the world, destined to live as long as the world, and yet never five weeks old. What is it?
The moon

Riddle 386

The more you take, the more you leave behind

Riddle 387

Riddle: Born of Earth, but with none of its strength.
Molded by Flame, but with none of its power
Shaped by Wind, and with all of its clarity

Riddle 388

I have one eye
See near and far
I hold the moments you treasure
And the things that make you weep
A camera

Riddle 389

What can't you see, hear or feel, until its to late.
What shadows love, and shopkeepers hate?
A thief

Riddle 390

A horse runs an uncertain amount each day. One day, two of the horse's legs ran 30 miles while the other two ran 31 miles. Assuming the horse is normal, how is this possible?
The horse is running in a circle. The two right leg (assuming the horse is running clockwise) would run a shorter distance than the two left legs (as they are on the "outside of the track").

Riddle 391

In we go
out we go
all around
and in a row
always, always steady flow
when we'll stop you'll never know
in we go
out we go

Riddle 392

A tiny bead, like fragile glass,
strung along a cord of grass.

Riddle 393

My first is in blood and also in battle,
My second is in acorn, oak, and apple,
My third and fourth are both the same,
In the center of sorrow and twice in refrain,
My fifth starts eternity ending here,
My last is the first of last, Oh dear!

Riddle 394

One of one. Eight of two. One of three. Three of four. One of five. Six of six. Two of seven. Four of eight.

There is a Warrior,
Where is a sword?
Peace did he bring,
The fighting Lord.
Shed for him is my fifth tear.
Find it the title here,
Written in but a single word,
An eye is an eye, until it is heard.
("One of one" is the first letter in the first line "There is a warrior"; "Eight of two" is the eigth letter in the second line "where is A sword"; etc...)

Riddle 395

A hole in a pole,
Though I fill a hole in white.
I'm used more by the day,
And less by the night.
Eye (an eye)

Riddle 396

I am the third from a sparkle bright,
I thrive throughout the day and night,
Deep in the path of a cows white drink,
I've had thousands of millions of years to think.
But one of my creatures is killing me,
And so the question I ask to thee,
Is who. Am. I?
Earth (the planet)

Riddle 397

To catch me you must trap me in a place that has no cracks,
If you're game enough to try, you will see.
And you must not leave me where I can see the golden sun.
Do so and you'll be setting me free.

Riddle 398

Hits the ground,
Waits a while,
Stands up straight,
Stretches a mile,
Smells no scents,
Hears no calls,
And at the end of its life,
Still standing, no falls.
A seed/tree

Riddle 399

I have the gift of glorious flight,
Or just floating. It's roughly the same.
I drink a lot of water, though,
I never swallow, but spit it out again.

Riddle 400

I breath out the wind,
I drink in the water,
I'm a cousin of earth,
Fire is my slaughter.
Leaf or branch.

Riddle 401

Five men standing in a line,
Gunter, Gunther, Brett and Kline,
With little Jimmy down the end,
Next to a spirit swigging friend.

Kline's next to Gunther,
Gunther's really tall,
Brett's got Gunter on his left,
Gunter's small.

Gunther looks down and sees the one,
Who's moved on from spirits and onto rum,
There's one man between Kline and Brett,
How much more information do you think you'll get?

Well no more, we're done,
But I think you'll get it quick,
Once you know it was Kline,
Who's an alcoholic!
Marching order: Jimmy, Kline, Gunther, Brett, Gunter. (Gunter was on Brett's left; that's BRETT'S left!)

Riddle 402

Grows from the ground, bushes and grass,
Leaves of yellow, red and brown,
Unruly plants, get the axe,
Trim the hedge back down.
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