Riddles Page 21

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Riddle 403

A glass green fortress sits on a hill. Certain things can enter, and certain things can't. For example, Beer can go in, but wine cannot. Eyeballs can go in, but eyes cannot. The castle has a floor and walls, but no ceiling. There is a roof, however. What is the rule about things that can go in and out?
Words with double letters: such as Balloon, spoon, moon. Non consecutive letters, such as asparagus, do not count.

Riddle 404

Four feet
Jagged teeth
Fleet of movement
water and land
I have no mood
To me you're food
as I drag you under

Riddle 405

I have one, you have one. If you remove the first letter, a bit remains. If you remove the second, bit still remains. After much trying, you might be able to remove the third one also, but it remains. What am I?
The word Habit

Riddle 406

You may see it but can't find it, you may feel it but cant touch it, it helps nature but sometime kills

Riddle 407

If you have me, you want to tell me.
If you tell me, you don't have me.

Riddle 408

I can go up a chimney down,
but can't go down a chimney up.
An umbrella

Riddle 409

I am the center of Gravity.

Riddle 410

Forward I am heavy,
But backwards I am not.

Riddle 411

In buckles or lace, I help set the pace; the farther you go, the thinner I grow
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