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Level 9 •

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 120 ft (30 ft
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration
, up to 1 minute
Save: Wisdom
Conditions: Frightened

Drawing on the deepest fears of a group of creatures, you create illusory creatures in their minds, visible only to them. Each creature in a 30-foot-radius sphere centered on a point of your choice within range must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, a creature becomes frightened for the duration. The illusion calls on the creature's deepest fears, manifesting its worst nightmares as an implacable threat. At the end of each of the frightened creature's turns, it must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or take 4d10 psychic damage. On a successful save, the spell ends for that creature.
Verbal Component: Sie Timor Horribilis Profundus
Verbal Component (Alternative): Deep from the mind, I pull what's feared, run in fright from these forms most weird.

Class: Wizard

Domain: Madness

Tags: Damage

Source: Player's Handbook [5th Edition] (page 288)

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