Art Objects (750gp) Table & Generator
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Art Objects: 750gp

Small gold idol
Random Roll: d10 = 4

Art Objects 750gp Table

Dungeon Master's Guide (5e) page 135
d10 Art Object
1 Art Object:  Silver chalice set with moonstones
2 Art Object:  Silver-plated steellongsword with jet set in hilt
3 Art Object:  Carved harp of exotic wood with ivory inlay and zircon gems
4 Art Object:  Small gold idol
5 Art Object:  Gold dragon comb set with red garnets as eyes
6 Art Object:  Bottle stopper cork embossed with gold leaf and set with amethysts
7 Art Object:  Ceremonial electrum dagger with a black pearl in the pommel
8 Art Object:  Silver and gold brooch
9 Art Object:  Obsidian statuette with gold fittings and inlay
10 Art Object:  Painted gold war mask

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