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Gems: 10gp

Lapis lazuli
Random Roll: d12 = 6

Gems 10gp Table

Dungeon Master's Guide (5e) page 134
d12 Gemstones
1 Gemstones:  Azurite (opaque mottled deep blue)
2 Gemstones:  Banded agate (translucent striped brown, blue, white, or red)
3 Gemstones:  Blue quartz (transparent pale blue)
4 Gemstones:  Eye agate (translucent circles of gray, white, brown, blue, or green)
5 Gemstones:  Hematite (opaque gray-black)
6 Gemstones:  Lapis lazuli (opaque light and dark blue with yellow flecks)
7 Gemstones:  Malachite (opaque striated light and dark green)
8 Gemstones:  Moss agate (translucent pink or yellow-white with mossy gray or green markings)
9 Gemstones:  Obsidian (opaque black)
10 Gemstones:  Rhodochrosite (opaque light pink)
11 Gemstones:  Tiger eye (translucent brown with golden center)
12 Gemstones:  Turquoise (opaque light blue-green)

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