Gems (50gp) Table & Generator
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Gems: 50gp

Random Roll: d12 = 8

Gems 50gp Table

Dungeon Master's Guide (5e) page 134
d12 Gemstones
1 Gemstones:  Bloodstone (opaque dark gray with red flecks)
2 Gemstones:  Carnelian (opaque orange to red-brown)
3 Gemstones:  Chalcedony (opaque white)
4 Gemstones:  Chrysoprase (translucent green)
5 Gemstones:  Citrine (transparent pale yellow-brown)
6 Gemstones:  Jasper (opaque blue, black, or brown)
7 Gemstones:  Moonstone (translucent white with pale blue glow)
8 Gemstones:  Onyx (opaque bands of black and white, or pure black or white)
9 Gemstones:  Quartz (transparent white, smoky gray, or yellow)
10 Gemstones:  Sardonyx (opaque bands of red and white)
11 Gemstones:  Star rose quartz (translucent rosy stone with white star-shaped center)
12 Gemstones:  Zircon (transparent pale blue-green)

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