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Pimpernell Heaphollow

Below is a list of Halfling. Halflings are often peaceful and live in agrarian communities, as such their surnames often relate to farming, the home and comfort.

Male Halfling Names Female Halfling Names

Habaccuc Huffwillow
Danos Dale
Osyver Overfield
Flynnad Fairfurrow
Bosco Beanapple
Bassett Bolgebranch
Hildigard Heapbelly
Soxonipp Stumbleshire
Vrum Vlavral
Xansire Vlavral
Nizar Newleaf
Hamlet Hogfurrow
Baros Bushweed
Teyver Took-took
Bilcuzal Brown
Folco Fairhair
Kuckunniwi Kallofurrow
Bilcuzal Brushsmoke
Convias Cherryberry
Everard Elderfeather
Wenhorn Whithill
Bingo Boffbairn
Kieran Kamfield
Marco Magpen
Anlan Arnyfoot
Cordell Clappbun
Bosco Bankbridge
Tardal Twosniffer
Hordal Hedgetea
Giles Gooldtopple
Cottar Chubbrook
Seredic Smallbranch
Aaxi Arnelly
Hampton Hogkin
Paldo Proudfoot
Saath Saddlesong
Conhace Chubblossom
Fishel Fumbleberry
Pol Puddihome
Theodoric Tooktak

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