Roll 40 random town names at a time, and choose the best one.
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40 Random Town Names

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Town Town Town Town
Red Crossing Town:  Rustlookout Town:  Monkey Ford Town:  Grandharbour
Heronwatch Town:  Dagger Tor Town:  Rust Homes Town:  Knifeway
Sword Park Town:  Lost Way Town:  Axebeach Town:  Steelsquare
Badgerglade Town:  Thornbend Town:  Huim Creek Town:  Heatherplace
Axecreek Town:  Badgerwatch Town:  Middle Bend Town:  White Ridge
Red Guard Town:  Silvergard Town:  Roinville Town:  Drift Bay
Lower Watch Town:  Crow Berg Town:  Wolf Ford Town:  Lors Point
Dustgate Town:  Palyerun Town:  Whispermanor Town:  Losthole
Fastcrossing Town:  Primare Lookout Town:  Swordbay Town:  Dead Creek
Tinwatch Town:  Silentestates Town:  West Town Town:  Destroyed Point

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