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A ring that turns the finger it's on invisible.
Random Roll: ?/219 = 130
Below are a collection of minor magical items and trinkets. These items are fun little pieces of flare to add to loot and treasure hoards. Some of these items have minor magical effects (i.e. +1d4 to saves, the ability to speak a language), while others are mundane objects that create fun roleplaying experiences (like a book that taunts it's reader, or a quill that transcribes what is spoken). For a complete list of magic items, click here. The view a random inventory or shop of magic items, click here.

Roll Trinket
01 Trinket:  A small magical candle that burns without being consumed.
02 Trinket:  A spool of threat that changes color to the color of any fabric that it is touched to.
03 Trinket:  A small gold ring set with a magical stone that dimly glows any color the wearer desires.
04 Trinket:  A leaf that never wilts. If a creature has the ability to speak, that creature gains the ability to speak Sylvan, and only Sylvan, while they are holding the leaf.
05 Trinket:  A heart shaped locket that allows the wearer to mentally send a short message (thirteen words) to the person whose name is engraved in the locket. They can immediately respond back with thirteen words. The locket can be used once per day.
06 Trinket:  A hat that keeps the wearer magically dry in any rain.
07 Trinket:  A tent big enough for two people. Speaking the command word 'paperhome' magically folds the tent into a 4 inch cube. Saying the command word again unfolds the tent. Weighs only 5 lbs.
08 Trinket:  A pair of shoes or boots that never get dirty, nor suffer wear-and-tear.
09 Trinket:  An egg sized stone that grows wet, cold, hot, or dry depending on the current weather, but only works outside.
10 Trinket:  A small herb pot that can be used to cast prestidigitation on up to 1 lb. of food 3/day to flavor the food.
11 Trinket:  A vase that keeps any flowers placed in it from wilting.
12 Trinket:  A silver broach that can change into the shape of any flower the wearer is familiar with.
13 Trinket:  A pea-sized crystal and a compass that always points toward the crystal.
14 Trinket:  A small copper feather that negates the first 20 feet of falling damage.
15 Trinket:  A fishing hook that wriggles like a worm, negating the need for bait.
16 Trinket:  A palm-sized crytal ball, that appears to be raining inside.
17 Trinket:  A small box that opens on the top and bottom. Each side of the box opens into a separate extradimensional space the size of the box.
18 Trinket:  A stone mug carved with images of feasting dwarves. Any water put in the mug turns into dwarven ale. If you drink the ale you must make a constitution save DC 13 or become drunk for the next 1d4 hours. While drunk you are considered 'poisoned' and can speak Dwarven.
19 Trinket:  A rose that never wilts. Once per day, the rose can cause a flowering plant to sprout flowers and bloom.
20 Trinket:  A white sphere, 6 inches in diameter. Once a day, the sphere can be activated for one hour, and will glow like a tiny sun, providing light equal to a light spell.
21 Trinket:  A gemstone with a bloodshot beholder's eye visible deep inside it. While holding the gem, once per day the owner can gain 1d4 to a saving throw against a spell.
22 Trinket:  A mixing bowl. When any edible food is left inside the bowl for over an hour, the food will become a hearty stew. Poisonous material are not affected.
23 Trinket:  A horn that when blown can clearly be heard by everyone within 300 feet. After blowing the horn the user's words are amplified for the next minute and can also be heard by everyone within 300 feet.
24 Trinket:  An ancient and unbreakable ring.
25 Trinket:  A laurel necklace or circlet that never wilt.
26 Trinket:  A key that opens any lock that you locked with that key.
27 Trinket:  A waterskin that can hold 5 gallons of water (40 pints), but weighs the same as a standard waterskin that holds 4 pints (5 lbs).
28 Trinket:  A bell that awakens anyone within 30 feet when rung.
29 Trinket:  A torc engraved with horses that allows you to march an extra hour a day without having to make an exhaustion check.
30 Trinket:  A pair of glasses that gives you 10' darkvision.
31 Trinket:  A sewing needle that will finish sewing any seam you started on its own.
32 Trinket:  A wood cutter's axe that deals double damage to wooden objects.
33 Trinket:  A small raven carved out of stone or wood. Using an action, the raven can be activated to count any humanoids (excluding allies) it sees in the immediate area. The raven doesn't fly or move, but has a 13 Perception. The raven will mentally tell it's holder if it sees one, two, three, or 'many humanoids'.
34 Trinket:  A dragonfly carved out of jade that, when active, flies around you killing mosquitos and flies.
35 Trinket:  A tiny platinum figurine of Bahatmut that gives the bearer a +1 to Persuasion checks made against good dragons.
36 Trinket:  A preserved and shrunken eye set in a ring. While worn the bearer has advantage on deception checks to mimic animal sounds.
37 Trinket:  A pound of troll flesh that constantly regenerates providing enough meat every day for two humans. While edible, the meat is disgusting. When eating the meat, the creature must make a DC 10 Constitution check or vomit.
38 Trinket:  An outfit of clothing that never gets dirty and magically mends any rips or tears.
39 Trinket:  A chamber pot that disintegrates any excrement put in it.
40 Trinket:  A comb made of bone that causes hair to grow 1 inch for every minute it is brushed. After a two feet of growth, the comb becomes inactive for the next 24 hours. If continued daily, the hair stops growing when it is as long as the user is tall.
41 Trinket:  A pin with clear glass beads that keeps natural smoke at least 1 foot away from its wearer.
42 Trinket:  A glowing rod that drives away dampness and moisture in a 10 foot radius.
43 Trinket:  A set of seven glowing magical gems that can be set to continuously swirl around a figure.
44 Trinket:  A two-inch tall wooden totem of an animal (bear, pig, goat, etc.). The totem can be activated using an action to summon a 6-inch tall, friendly spirit animal. The animal is playful, non-aggressive, and remains within 5 feet of the user. If attacked, the spirit disappears into a cloud of smoke and is pulled back into the totem. The spirit can also be pulled back into the totem using an action.
45 Trinket:  A small blank book. As an action you can magically copy a page from another book or other document into this book. The copy remains until you will it to be erased or copy another document.
46 Trinket:  A staff that can be turned into a tree or back into a staff.
47 Trinket:  A fish mask that lets you hold your breath twice as long as normal.
48 Trinket:  A petrified rat brain that lets you cast dominate monster once per long rest on a small or tiny rat or mouse.
49 Trinket:  A gold coin that you can summon back to your hand as long as it's within 20 feet.
50 Trinket:  A small red gem that is warm to the touch. When the gem is placed on inanimate flammable material, the material catches on fire in 1d4 rounds.
51 Trinket:  A small magical snake that can take the form of a tattoo on one of your arms. Once per day while the snake is a tattoo you may add 1d4 to a persuasion checks.
52 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Chauntea that you can activate once per day to weed, water, and care for a field of crops no larger than half an acre.
53 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Helm that you can activate once per day to gain 1d4 to an initiative roll.
54 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Waukeen that gives you 1d4 on Persuasion checks when haggling.
55 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Myrkul that allows you to animate the corpse of a tiny beast once a day. The tiny skeleton or zombie remains under your control until it is destroyed or you animate a new undead (AC 10, 1hp and unable to deal damage).
56 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Yeenoghu that once per day you can activate as a bonus action to allow a gnoll within 30 feet to make an attack as a reaction to a random enemy within attack range.
57 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Amaunator that makes you immune to the exhaustion effects from hot weather.
58 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Moradin that makes you immune to the poisoning effects of alcohol, although it does not protect from passing out.
59 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Eilistraee that allows you to sing beautifully (+2 to performance checks when singing once per day).
60 Trinket:  A holy symbol of Grumbar that allows you to speak Terran.
61 Trinket:  A jar containing an aboleth mucus gland. If you breathe in the mucus you are able to breathe through your skin underwater for thirty minutes. The gland refills the jar with mucus in 24 hours.
62 Trinket:  A whistle that can only be heard by your allies.
63 Trinket:  A cup or plate that changes color when they come in contact with poison.
64 Trinket:  A brass pitcher and a silver fly. As long as the fly is within 15 feet of the pitcher it whispers anything the pitcher hears.
65 Trinket:  A musical instrument that magically plays simple tunes and songs.
66 Trinket:  A small doll that mimics your movements.
67 Trinket:  A halter that when placed on a cow, donkey, mule, horse, or camel gives you advantage on animal handling checks for that beast.
68 Trinket:  A pack saddle that doubles the carrying capacity of the beast wearing it.
69 Trinket:  A necklace of animal teeth. Once per long rest as a bonus action you can cause the necklace to bite you dealing 2 points of piercing damage.
70 Trinket:  A pair of small silver bars twisted together. Once per day when you use Bardic Inspiration you may designate two individuals. Either character can use the Bardic Inspiration die, but once it has been used it’s gone.
71 Trinket:  A set of sheep’s knucklebones that allow you to cast the ritual Augury in 1 minute (only if you can normally cast it as a ritual).
72 Trinket:  A small charm made of tiny bones and feathers that lets you cast the ritual Speak With Animals in 1 minute (only if you can normally cast it as a ritual).
73 Trinket:  A gem that adheres to your forehead like a third eye. If you spend a Ki point (Monk) your speed increases by 10 feet for that round.
74 Trinket:  A glowing crystal that focuses your divine senses. When you use your Divine Sense (Paladin) to detect celestial, fiend or undead, the range extends to 90 feet.
75 Trinket:  A mummified body part of a creature. If this creature’s type is your favored enemy selection (Ranger) than once per day you can reroll a 1 on a Survival or Intelligence check related to the creature type.
76 Trinket:  An elemental spellcaster's gem (1d4: cold, fire, thunder, electricity) that can act as a focus for a metamagic spell once per day. The gem changes half of your spells damage type to match the gem.
77 Trinket:  A token of a fey (electricity), far realm (psychic), or fiendish (fire) power. Once per day, you can use the token to change the damage type of eldritch blast, to that the token.
78 Trinket:  A ritual book that lets you cast arcane rituals half the normal time.
79 Trinket:  An obsidian ring that allows one individual you can see to understand you when you are speaking Thieve's Cant (Rogue).
80 Trinket:  A steel torc engraved with the image of boars. If you roll a 1 to recover hit points, you can use the torc to reroll that die. The torc can be used once per day.
81 Trinket:  A mirror that can grow and shrink from hand-sized to full length.
82 Trinket:  A ceramic jar, that changes sand into salt in 24 hours.
83 Trinket:  A nightcap that allows for a deep rest, allowing someone to regain 2 points of exhaustion after a single long rest. The nightcaps needs a week to recharge before it can grant this benefit again.
84 Trinket:  A lace fan. When unfolded, it floats midair and softly waves the air.
85 Trinket:  A glass orb filled with smoke. If you concentrate on the image of a person you are familiar with, a static image of that person's face appears in the orb.
86 Trinket:  Deck of tarot cards, where the painted figures move and taunt people.
87 Trinket:  A 6-inch long empty crystal coffin. When the coffin is touched to a dead body, the body is magically reduced in size and placed inside the coffin (the magical effect does NOT work on undead). The body can be released from the coffin by opening it. While in the coffin the body is under the effects of a gentle repose spell.
88 Trinket:  A brass key that has a faint red glow. While held, it allows you to speak Ignan, but also burns for -1 hp per round (unless you are resistant to fire).
89 Trinket:  An iron pot or pan who’s handle never gets hot.
90 Trinket:  The feather of a Solar that is always immaculate. While holding it you can speak Celestial.
91 Trinket:  A horn from a Devil or Demon that allows you to speak Infernal or Abyssal respectively.
92 Trinket:  A hawthorn wand that turns small objects ethereal for an hour.
93 Trinket:  A dowsing rod that points to any water within 20 feet.
94 Trinket:  An oak wand that can telekinetically move unattended objects 10 ft. per round. The object must be within 15 feet and weigh 1 lb. or less.
95 Trinket:  A statue of a cricket that chirps softly in the dark. The cricket stops chirping if an invisible or incorporeal creature comes within 10 feet.
96 Trinket:  A collar that lets a dog or cat speak in common. It doesn’t change the animal’s intelligence.
97 Trinket:  An acorn that prevents you from being hit by natural lightning.
98 Trinket:  A finger bone from an executed man in a small wooden box. You have +1 on death saving throws while it’s in your possession.
99 Trinket:  A picnic basket, keeps all food inside fresh for three times as long.
100 Trinket:  A ring of stone that can light and extinguish a candle up to 30 ft away.
101 Trinket:  A pouch of cursed graveyard soil. When the dust is cast into the wind, it blows in the direction of the closest undead creature (within 120 feet).
102 Trinket:  Glass fishbowl. When filled with water, illusory fish appear inside.
103 Trinket:  Pair of golden bells. When one bell rings, the other rings as well, as long as they are on the same plane.
104 Trinket:  Tiny automaton, that critiques anyone about to make a skill check (i.e. "There's no way you are going to persuade that guy. He can see through your lies.").
105 Trinket:  A wooden statuette of a cat that purrs softly when pet
106 Trinket:  A coin that changes either either to gold or silver, depending on which face it lands when flipped.
107 Trinket:  Bootlaces that tie themselves when commanded to do so
108 Trinket:  A charred wooden flute that emits smoke when played.
109 Trinket:  A piece of cloth that can clean the rust off of any metal with one wipe.
110 Trinket:  A pan which does not require grease to cook, and magically seasons food to perfection.
111 Trinket:  A music box which can record 1 minute of music played by an instrument.
112 Trinket:  An intricately carved troglodyte skull that hums a sad tune.
113 Trinket:  A soft leather pouch with fancy gold numbers that show how many gold pieces are inside of it.
114 Trinket:  A playing card that changes its face whenever it is tapped.
115 Trinket:  An icecube that never melts.
116 Trinket:  A sword that sofly sobs and whines whenever it is touched.
117 Trinket:  A quill that writes down all the words it is dictated.
118 Trinket:  A book that changes its contents to a different children's story every week.
119 Trinket:  A painting showing a nature scene, birds fly across the scene in the paintint every now and then.
120 Trinket:  A bag that sighs as if annoyed whenever an item is placed inside.
121 Trinket:  A key that will only open the lock it was made for ... when asked kindly.
122 Trinket:  A canvas tent that takes on the color of its surroundings when pitched.
123 Trinket:  A crystal goblet that bounces instead of shattering whenever it is dropped.
124 Trinket:  A bedroll which can be folded to fit inside your pocket, and weights only 2 lbs.
125 Trinket:  A lantern that ignites itself whenever the sun goes down.
126 Trinket:  An enchanted jar that holds a little gelatinous cube, which eats any material you drop into it.
127 Trinket:  A Copper ring that disappears every other day, only to reappear the following day on the finger it was put on.
128 Trinket:  A small drawing of a young man chopping wood that changes a little whenever noone is looking at it.
129 Trinket:  A gold ring with a gemstone that always levitates slightly out of the socket. The gem cannot be removed.
130 Trinket:  A ring that turns the finger it's on invisible.
131 Trinket:  A dodecahedron made of glass that when activated projects a night sky, complete with shooting stars and constellations.
132 Trinket:  A chess board that magically moves the pieces when issued commands.
133 Trinket:  A smoking pipe that lights itself when pipeweed is put into it.
134 Trinket:  A coin that when flipped remains suspended in the air, spinning indefinitely until it is grabbed again.
135 Trinket:  A white cube that turns red and emits a loud noise when within 5 feet of a fire.
136 Trinket:  A ball bearing that rolls back to the owner when thrown, defying gravity if it needs to.
137 Trinket:  A fruit flavored hard candy that never dissolves, wrapped in thin parchment. When taken out of your mouth, the candy dries instantly and can be rewrapped without evidence of having been eaten before.
138 Trinket:  A silver bell that when shaken, produces no noise despite having a clapper.
139 Trinket:  A mirror that shows the reflection of the character as if they were the opposite gender.
140 Trinket:  A metal goblet that when filled too high, magically empties the contents of the goblet.
141 Trinket:  A journal that insults the person who opens it
142 Trinket:  A smooth stone, that when whispered to, retains the words given to it. Putting the stone up to your ear reveals that the stone will repeat what was whispered to it, until a new message is given to the stone.
143 Trinket:  A seashell which, when left undisturbed, moves 1 inch towards the nearest ocean or sea each day.
144 Trinket:  A pair of glasses with no arms/temples, that hover in the air just in front of the face.
145 Trinket:  A comb which changes the hair it combs to a random color each day.
146 Trinket:  A bag of blue marbles. Each marble hums in a soft harmonious tone when rolled.
147 Trinket:  A compass that always points to the closest rabbit.
148 Trinket:  A torch that is always wet and dripping. It only ignites when submerged in water.
149 Trinket:  A gaming die that announces the number it rolled in a soft spoken feminine voice.
150 Trinket:  A harp that sounds like a flute when played.
151 Trinket:  A spinning top which sparks with harmless electricity when spun.
152 Trinket:  A bow which says 'miss' in a monotone gnomish voice whenever you miss a target.
153 Trinket:  A coin pouch that always sounds as if it is full of coins, as long as there is at least one coin inside.
154 Trinket:  A snowglobe that causes snow to fall for a couple of seconds in a 5ft. radius when you shake it.
155 Trinket:  A pair of glasses that allow the wearer to read a random language, the language changes each day.
156 Trinket:  A quill that never runs out of ink.
157 Trinket:  A gold ring that turns silver whenever placed on the finger of a creature that is cursed.
158 Trinket:  A smithy hammer that makes no noise when used to forge metal.
159 Trinket:  A pot that stirs itself when commanded to.
160 Trinket:  A metal plate that heats up any regular sized pot or kettle that is placed on top of it.
161 Trinket:  A stone that laughs whenever someone tells a joke nobody laughed at.
162 Trinket:  A candle that has a green flame when lit.
163 Trinket:  A saddle that summons a magical ladder allowing a small humanoid to easily mount the creature it is on.
164 Trinket:  Fancy boots that magically change color to fit the color scheme of the rest of the outfit.
165 Trinket:  Curtains that open and close when commanded to do so.
166 Trinket:  A 1 inch, solid silver cube that removes non-magical tattoos when rubbed on the tattooed skin.
167 Trinket:  A stuffed teddy bear that tells bedtime stories to the creature holding it.
168 Trinket:  A hat that flies and settles on a random head within 30ft. when thrown.
169 Trinket:  A linen bag that washes and dries all the clothes put in it over the course of an hour.
170 Trinket:  A scarf that changes the voice of the creature wearing it.
171 Trinket:  A mug the chills any type of ale that is poured into it to a perfect temperature.
172 Trinket:  A small stone owl that turns its head towards a creature when they cast a spell.
173 Trinket:  A pirate's flage that can magically display the colors of a far away nation.
174 Trinket:  A dark red book that keeps a tally count of all the creatures it's owner has killed.
175 Trinket:  A small wooden box engraved with butterflies. Once per day, when it is opened, a butterfly flies out of it.
176 Trinket:  An enchanted brick which is under the effect of the feather fall spell only when nothing is touching it.
177 Trinket:  A bit and bridle that temporarily changes the color of the horse to the purest white.
178 Trinket:  A small brass bell that rings every morning at 7. The sound is loud enough to wake anyone within 30 feet.
179 Trinket:  A feather duster that dusts objects by iteself when commanded to do so.
180 Trinket:  A glass ornament that changes its shape into a different fruit each day.
181 Trinket:  A silver bracelet in the shape of a snake that slowly curls and moves around the arm.
182 Trinket:  A holy symbol which recites the beliefs or tenets of the deity it belongs to.
183 Trinket:  An hourglass in which the sand flows upward.
184 Trinket:  An ocarina made of bone. When played, it sounds as if a quartet of ocarinas are being played.
185 Trinket:  Porcelain plates that clean and stack themselves after being used.
186 Trinket:  A spherical crystal which displays a swirling galaxy inside.
187 Trinket:  A fishing hook that spells of fish. When submerged in water it secretes a couple drops of blood.
188 Trinket:  An eyeball in a bottle. The iris changes color depending on which plane of existence it is on.
189 Trinket:  A quill which can write smokey markings in mid-air. The markings disappear after 1 hour.
190 Trinket:  A leatherbound book, all illustrations made inside become slightly animated.
191 Trinket:  A small golden fork that turns into a spoon when tapped against any surface.
192 Trinket:  A silver knight chess piece that whinnies softly when it is stroked.
193 Trinket:  Gloves made of white silk, that become black for 1 hour when they come in direct contact with poison.
194 Trinket:  A clay spinning top in the shape of a dancing woman. It softly sings a sad song when spun.
195 Trinket:  A small glass terrarium which magically grows a couple of tiny strawberries every day.
196 Trinket:  A 4-inch square glass vial that turns any salt water into salt over the course of a day.
197 Trinket:  A solid gold lockpick that whispers 'jackpot' when it opens a lock.
198 Trinket:  A fishing rod which can magically turn into a walking cane, and back.
199 Trinket:  A small painting which turns into a mirror when a creature comes within 1 foot of it.
200 Trinket:  A pair of fine clothes. When taken off and left undisturbed, they neatly fold themselves.
201 Trinket:  A platinum band which displays the plane of existence it is on.
202 Trinket:  A marble sculpture of a tiny elf holding a lute seated on a chair that plays music every so often.
203 Trinket:  A piece of pure white cloth that never gets dirty.
204 Trinket:  A mask that copies its wearer's facial expressions.
205 Trinket:  A humanoid skull with ethereal green orbs in its eye sockets.
206 Trinket:  A flask that freezes any liquids stored in it at midnight, and unfreezes them at noon.
207 Trinket:  A crown made out of ice that never melts.
208 Trinket:  A compass that points towards the nearest bottle of rum.
209 Trinket:  A small indestructible talking skull that tends to mumble racist slurs whenever it sees an elf.
210 Trinket:  A tankard that is always full of a wretched black fluid. If tipped, the fluid runs endlessly.
211 Trinket:  A creepy idol of a black dragon with red jewels as eyes, whenever someone looks at the idol eyes their eyes flash red.
212 Trinket:  A rope necklace with a single shiny red bead. When a creature is killed by the wearer, the necklace magically spouts another bead.
213 Trinket:  A small coin purse with gold inside that cannot be removed.
214 Trinket:  A white metal goblet that grumbles angrily in Dwarvish when filled.
215 Trinket:  A silver coin with an engraved human that continuously waves to the holder.
216 Trinket:  A broom that will magically sweep the floor.
217 Trinket:  A rock that screams in fear when it is thrown.
218 Trinket:  A belt that can turn into a whip using a command word ('unfurl'). The command word can also cause it to turn back into a belt.
219 Trinket:  A two-person tent. After each use, it seems to get smaller and smaller. After two weeks, it will have shrunk enough to become a one-person tent. After another week, it will only fit a Small or smaller creature. After another week, a tiny creature.

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