Craft a Healing Potion - Downtime Activity in D&D 5e

Downtime Activity
Craft Healing Potions

DM's can allow players to craft healing potions, similar to crafting an item. Player's should be required to have the alchemist's supplies proficiency and the associated tool kit. Xanathar's Guide to Everything does not specifiy that any skill check needs to be made for crafting a healing potion (we can assume that the time it takes to brew these potions allows for issues to get resolved during the process). Xanathar's Guide to Everything also suggests that a "complications may occur" every 5 workweeks, but since the longest it takes for a potion to be created is 4 workweeks, then a complication shouldn't exist (DM Discretion). Below is a table, as described in that shows the time and costs for each potion.

Potion of Healing Creations

We have included Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XGtE) costs and price of healing potions, along with the homebrew Sane Guide pricing and costs that many DM's use.

Potion Type Time XGtE Cost XGtE Sale Price Sane Costs Sane Sale Price
Healing Time:  1 day XGtE Cost:  25 gp XGtE Sale Price:  50 gp Sane Costs:  25 gp Sane Sale Price:  50 gp
Greater Healing Time:  1 workweek XGtE Cost:  100 gp XGtE Sale Price:  200 gp Sane Costs:  100 gp Sane Sale Price:  200 gp
Superior Healing Time:  3 workweeks XGtE Cost:  1,000 gp XGtE Sale Price:  2,000 gp Sane Costs:  250 gp Sane Sale Price:  500 gp
Supreme Healing Time:  4 workweeks XGtE Cost:  10,000 gp XGtE Sale Price:  20,000 gp Sane Costs:  1,000 gp Sane Sale Price:  2,000 gp

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