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(pronounced oo-LOO-tee-oo)
The Lord in the Ice, the Eternal Sleeper, Father of the Giants' Kin
Ulutiu, also known as The Lord in the Ice or The Eternal Sleeper, is the father of the giant-kin races and the god of glaciers, polar environments, and arctic dwellers. The domains associated with Ulutiu are Animal, Law, Ocean, Protection, and Strength.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Although Ulutiu has all but withdrawn from the world, the peoples of the Great Glacier and the Ice Hunters of the Savage Frontier still worship him.

The clergy of Ulutiu act as both leaders and protectors of their societies, often providing teaching and maintaining traditions in their communities, passing down the accumulated lore of their peoples from generation to generation.

In the Great Glacier, Ulutiu's clerics and druids preside over villages in an autocratic fashion, often harshly, resulting in orderly societies. In the Ice Hunter society in the Savage Frontier, although there was no official edict, Ulutiu's clerics and druids lead their communities by consensus.

The Ice Hunters worship Ulutiu and the beast totem great spirits, including Clever Oomio the Gray Seal, Grandfather Walrus, Great White Bear, and Pindalpau-pau the Reindeer Mother. In many ways, the Ice Hunters' regard for Ulutiu and their totem animals parallels the regard of the Uthgardt barbarian tribes for Uthgar and the Uthgardt beast totems. Ulutiu and the Ice Hunter beast totems are served by Ice Hunter specialty priests of Ulutiu, known as iceguardians, and shamans.


The clergy of Ulutiu prayed at dawn, midday and sunset, receiving spells at midday, by covering their eyes and looking towards the sky. In most places their edicts were called kaiurit and were different all over depending on the dreams experienced by the clergy. However, in Ice Hunter society, the kaitotem ritual was observed, in which they captured an animal and raised it on a totem for a year before setting it free to serve the totem spirits.


No person is the superior of another, with the exception of Ulutiu's clergics, who are his representatives in this world and who are set in positions of leadership to pass on his wisdom to his people. Because animals share the same emotions, thoughts, and morals as people (but express them differently), they should be respected on pain of Ulutiu's wrath.

The villagers of the Great Glacier also believe that magic from any source but Ulutiu is blasphemous and those that practice it should be shunned and driven away.

Appearance, Manifestations

If the cleric of Ulutiu has a spirit animal, that is typically how he chooses to appear. Otherwise, Ulutiu appears as either a gray seal, walrus, polar bear, or a reindeer.

Relationships & History

He has no allies or enemies.


The Great Sleep
Annam, the head of the giant pantheon, discovered that Ulutiu was having an affair with his wife, Othea. To save her from Annam’s wrath, Ulutiu voluntarily went into exile, sinking himself deep into the cold sea to the north of Faerûn. His enchanted necklace froze the water in an everexpanding mass of ice, forming the Great Glacier. Othea planned to reunite with Ulutiu but was slain by one of her sons, who could not venture onto the Great Glacier while his mother was alive.

Auril, the Frostmaiden, is siphoning power from him, slowly as not to wake him. She is continually weakening him so that eventually he will die, then she may subsume his portfolio.

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Quick Descriptions:
A great white polar bear stands before you, with black eyes and long dark claws.
Huts made of leather and covered in furs surround a 40' area in the center of the glacial village. A tall stone pillar sits in the middle, carved with various animal, including a seal, walrus, bear and reindeer. Various hides and other offerings sit at the shrine's base.
Ulutiu's cleric has long dark hair and a thick scraggly beard. He is wearing a long winter cloak of mixed furs, and several layers of tribal clothing underneath, including soft leather and furs (much like what the rest of his winter village is wearing). He is carrying a long spear.
The Symbol of Ulutiu - Necklace of blue and white ice crystals
Symbol: Necklace of blue and white ice crystals
God Alignment: LN
Worshipers Alignment
Animal, Law, Ocean, Protection, Strength
Glaciers, polar environments, arctic dwellers
Arctic dwellers, druids, historians, leaders, teachers, rangers
Plane: Astral
Weapon: Spear

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An arm tattoo with the symbol of Ulutiu.
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