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Erevan Ilesere

(pronounced AIR-eh-van ill-EH-seer)
The Chameleon, the Green Changeling, the Few Jester
Intermediate Deity
Erevan Ilesere
Erevan Ilesere is the elven god of mischief and rogues. He is a fickle, utterly unpredictable deity who can change his appearance at will. He is one of the most fun-loving deities in the multiverse, and he seems incapable of remaining still or concentrating on a single task for any extended period of time. Erevan enjoys causing trouble for its own sake, but his pranks are rarely either helpful or deadly. However, Erevan becomes very dangerous if sylvan races or weak elven groups are threatened, and he is always championing the underdog.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Erevan is worshipped by many woodlands fae and elves who dwell in forests and woods.

For the Fair Folk, Erevan represents all that is chaotic and free in the elven psyche and the spirit of mischievous fun they share with many other sylvan beings. The Trickster's church is regarded as little more than a loose fellowship of adventuresome rogues and pranksters, and most elves find Erevan to be too unpredictable for their tastes to actually venerate the god.

The church of Erevan lacks any sort of hierarchy, for worship is not permitted at the same location twice and no cleric can be bothered to coordinate the clergy. Clerics of Erevan are wild, mischievous, independent, playing tricks on others for the sheer joy of it. They oppose settled interests of all sorts and delight in upsetting both the rule of law and powerful people and in generally creating mayhem. They have little in the way of formal duties, and minister to the faithful primarily through example and instruction in the skills required of mischievous rogues. Many clerics multiclass as rogues or wizards.


The ceremonial garb of the Trickster's priesthood emphasizes the practical over the ornamental. Erevan's priests wear black leather armor and black leather caps, though their armor is often concealed by clothing or cloaks. The holy symbol of the faith is a stolen trinket of some sort that has been blessed by a priest of Erevan. Each such holy symbol must be replaced by another purloined token at least once every ten days, more frequently if at all possible.

Adventuring priests of Erevan outfit themselves as is common for rogues, favoring black leather armor or silenced elven chain mail for protection and weapons such as clubs, daggers, darts, knives, lassos, long swords, short bows, slings, short swords, and staffs. Magical items that facilitate thieving skills as well as those that allow the wearer to alter his appearance or form are highly prized.


Novices of Erevan are known as the Gullible. Full priests of the Trickster are known as Quicksilvers. Priests of Erevan of all ranks create their own titles and most change their titles frequently. Specialty priests are known as Mischiefmakers. Priests of the faith typically associate themselves with one or more regional branches of the faith,but such ties are voluntary and typically quite fluid. Contact between the various branches of the faith is infrequent at best.


Since Erevan may never be worshiped in the same location twice, and few of his followers remain in at any location for any length of time. As such, only a handful of temples of the Trickster exist, and they are carefully hidden. For the most part, Erevan's houses of worship are little more than permanent shrines by the standards of other faiths and they are reserved for meetings and the like. The handful of priests who tend such shrines of necessity must go elsewhere to pray to their god.


Clerics of Erevan pray for their spells at midnight, when darkness covers their mischief. Followers of Erevan gather monthly for a Midnight Gambol, which is held in a sylvan glade beneath the light of the full moon. The exact location of each Midnight Gambol is a secret that is passed among the faithful by word of mouth in the days leading up to the event. Anyone who manages to discover the festivities through their own ingenuity is welcome to participate. Erevan's followers are often joined in their revels by mischief-loving creatures such as sprites. Each Midnight Gambol includes the sacrifice of beautiful objects (most of which are borrowed), dancing, wine-drinking, tale-telling, and endless prank-playing.


While no formal military orders are associated with Erevan's church, countless bands and guilds of elven and half-elven rogues have been founded in honor of the Trickster. A notable example is the Knaves of the Missing Page, a fellowship of elven spellfilchers (mage/thieves) based in the Vale of Evereska but active throughout Faerûn. Knaves specialize in the recovery of elven magical artifacts, spell scrolls, and spell tomes that have been acquired by other races,particularly humans.


Change and excitement are the spice of life. Live on the edge, unbound by the conventions of society in a spirit of constant self-reinvention. Puncture the self-righteousness, sanctimony, and pretension that pervades orderly society with mischievous pranks that both amuse and enlighten.

Appearance, Manifestations

Erevan Ilesere can change his appearance at will, and does so at a whim, often in the middle of conversations. Few know what form he will take.

Relationships & History

Some humorous tales say that Erevan changed form and sex in order to conceive and bear the unicorn god Eachthighern with the ki-rin god Koriel. Erevan is a close ally of the Seelie Court and a regular accomplice of the dwarven god Dugmaren Brightmantle.

The draconic deity Hlal is a boon companion of Erevan Ilesere. Hlal is often known as Avachel to the elves.

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Quick Descriptions:
Erevan Ilesere appears as an elven male of average height. As you look at him, you notice his features start to change. His hair and eye color changes as you watch. His facial features constantly shift as well—at one moment he has sharp raised cheek bones and wide eyes, and the next he has a full face and sleepy eyes.
The shrine to Erevan is hidden in the back room of the storage house, located behind several large crates and not viewable from the room's entrance. It is little more than a small alcove with a pedestal and offering bowl on top. Engraved into the wall is a starburst with asymmetrical rays.
The priest of Erevan is an elven male with short brown wavy hair. He is wearing a long brown, hooded cloak, covering a set of black leather armor. He has a short sword and a dagger in scabbards at his hip. He also has several pouches along his belt.
The Symbol of Erevan Ilesere - Starburst with asymmetrical rays
Symbol: Starburst with asymmetrical rays
God Alignment: CN
Worshipers Alignment
Chaos, Elf, Luck, Trickery
Mischief, change, rogues
Bards, elves, revelers, rogues, sorcerers, tricksters
Plane: Arborea (Arvandor)
Weapon: Shortsword

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A rock etched with the symbol of Erevan Ilesere.
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