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(pronounced AN-hur)
General of the Gods, Champion of Physical Prowess, the Falcon of War
Lesser Deity
Anhur is a Mulhorandi and Egyption war deity, a force for good that fights against evil.

Anhur is slow to anger, for his wisdom is legendary, but his wrath is inescapable once earned. He is always alert, and constantly moving, never stopping to scan the horizon. Anhur, appreciates the humor of mortals and doe not necessarily find their presence tiresome. He has a hearty laugh and bright smile when not in combat.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Martial skills are an important factor in the lives of the clergy and followers of the Church of Anhur. These clerics spend much of their time preparing for battle, as well as training the soldiers of Mulhorand. They focus on executing daring maneuvers and plans in the hopes of increasing the glory of their nation. Divine spell casters devoted to Anhur pray for their spells at dawn.


Typical garb for Anhur's clergy includes a breastplate and collar, shaped in the figure of a lion for high-ranking priests, as well as a white linen skirt known as a kalasiris and sandals laced to knee height. A headdress and collar are also common. These priests often dye the skin red to emulate their deity and typically shave their heads. A set of three blue circles painted on their forehead serves as a symbol of their calling. They often tattoo themselves to commemorate personal achievements and victories. The quality of a priest's clothing reflects that individual's power and standing. When preparing for combat followers of Anhur favor scale or lamellar mail.


Temples to Anhur are solidly built structures design to repel invaders. They are continuously stocked with equipment and provisions in the event they are besieged.


Protect Mulhorand, for she is your mother. Fall upon her enemies as you would any who had done ill to your own mother. Show bravery and valor in combat, and protect your brothers and sisters in arms. Follow the wise advice of your commander as you would that of your parents, but take no actions that serve an ill cause. If your commander asks that you do ill, refuse; your actions will be vindicated by a council of at least three of your peers.

Protect the people of Mulhorand and the property of the church of Anhur, for it is your home you defend with the fury of a lioness defending her cubs. Beware the wiles of Set, for his spies are everywhere and his actions turn brother upon sister and parent upon child; his taint poisons the waters of the land of your heart. Defend against the fierce storms that sweep down from the north, for they are the work of crimson magic. Carry the peace and prosperity of Mulhorand westward and shepherd the people of Unther during their time of need.

Appearance, Manifestations

When Anhur wants to appear fearsome or powerful, he has the head and mane of a ferocious lion, and the body of a muscular human carrying a sharp falchion. He is usually wearing lamellar armor and a headdress sporting three plumes.

Alternatively, Anhur appears as a Mulan human with four arms and dark eyes. His skin is typically red in color, his hair appearing dark, and he usually has a short beard that's often braided. In this form, he often carries a lance in his right hand, wearing lamellar mail and a headdress with three plumes.

Relationships & History

Though a nominal ally of Horus-Re, Anhur's aggressive advocacy of change often clashes with the Pharoah of the Gods' desire for eternity and perpetual order. After absorbing the portfolio of the former Untheric deity of weather, Ramman, Anhur has come into increasing conflict with Isis, but the two are close allies in other respects. Nephthys he cooperates closely with, especially in opposing the machinations of Thay, and he maintains an on-again-off-again relationship with Bast (Sharess), although their alliance is sound, fundamentally. Anhur's long-time foe is Set, but his actions during the Time of Troubles earned him the enmity and ire of Sekolah (the sahuagin shark deity) and Hoar. Anhur is likely to come into conflict with Tempus eventually, as a result of Mulhorand's war with Unther and its interest in expansion.
Quick Descriptions:
Anhur has the head of a fearsome lion, with a luscious golden mane. He has the body of a muscular human with a dark tan. He is wearing lamellar mail and a headdress with three plumes.
Anhur is a solidly built sandstone structure, obviously built to repel invaders. The large archway has solid wood doors, which are currently open. The entryway is guarded by two priest, and the walls are adorned with weapons. The interior is about 60ft deep, with 30ft ceilings, and high windows about 25ft up. The walls are engraved with depictions of great battles, and the room is lit by various braziers scattered around the room. Near the far wall is a sandstone altar with various offerings.
Anhur's priest has his skin dyed red. His head is shaved, and he has a set of three blue circles painted on his forehead. He is wearing a gold collar shaped in the figure of a lion, as well as a white linen skirt and sandals laced to knee height. You notice various tattoos on his arm depicting battles and clashes.
The Symbol of Anhur - Hawk-headed falchion bound with a cord
Symbol: Hawk-headed falchion bound with a cord
God Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignment
Chaos, Good, Strength, Storm, War
War, conflict, physical prowess, thunder, rain
Druids, fighters, monks, rangers, soldiers, warriors
Plane: Ysgard
Alternative: Heliopolis
Weapon: Falchion
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