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(pronounced GHEB)
King of the Riches Under the Earth, Father Under the Skies and Sands
Lesser Deity
Geb was once a curious and quick-tempered deity, but he has mellowed since his birth and now takes a more even-tempered, safe, and cautious approach to life. He speaks with a deep bass voice and emphasizes his words by striking the ground with the base of his staff, creating minor tremors with each stroke. He is jovial and appreciates humor both subtle and broad. He rarely engages in emotional displays, although his eyes burn hotter when he discovers a precious gem or rich vein of ore or when he is angry.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

The church of Geb is loosely organized and politically weak compared to Mulhorand’s other temples. Geb's clergy is largely composed of humans native to Mulhorand, but both dwarves and gnomes will occasionally follow the teachings of the King of the Riches Under the Earth.

The clergy of Geb spend their days side by side with miners digging tunnels, with prospectors panning for gold, and with blacksmiths forging weapons and armor. At least once per year, clerics must search out a new vein of ore or precious stones. Senior clerics often go to the cities and seek funding from the clergy of Nephthys to excavate new mines and quarries. Many clerics multiclass as fighters.


Clerics of Geb typically paint a series of three blue circles on their shaved heads that serve as a symbol of their calling. They often color their skin to a brown tint, and it is not uncommon for a member of the clergy to grow a short beard which is then braided. Usual vestments include a kalasiris, bracers, and iron-shod boots. These items are usually inlaid with small precious stones, and are often worn under a blacksmith's apron. Members of Geb's clergy favor heavy armor when preparing for a journey, and dress as the occasion dictates.


Temples dedicated to Geb utilize natural geographic formations in their construction as much as possible. Most of these sites are built underground to better facilitate this decision. At least one temple exists in each mountain range within the range of influence of the nation of Mulhorand.


The position of priest in the church of Geb is hereditary; members belong to the House of Gebthant, and can claim at least one divine incarnation of Geb among their ancestors.


Clerics of Geb pray for their spells at midnight, when the sky is like the roof of a great cavern dotted with gems. Each evening, a cleric of Geb must locate one precious stone or mineral and bury it in the dirt while speaking evening prayers. The following morning, the cleric must excavate the gem and offer it up to Geb while repeating morning prayers.

These twin ceremonies, known collectively as the Hidden Gift and the Bountiful Joy, celebrate Geb's bequest to the world and the discovery of the earth’s precious secrets. The first of Mirtul is celebrated in a festival known as the Unwrapping. Mountains streams fill with the runoff of alpine snow around this time, often exposing new caves and veins to mine. The last day of Nightal, known as the Day of the Drawing Down, is a solemn ceremony marking the death of those died in the depths of the earth and mountains during the year. The entrance of at least one abandoned mine shaft is collapsed each year to commemorate the occasion.


Know the earth. Explore its beauties and reveal its hidden secrets, but do so in such a way as to highlight their fundamental mysteries, not merely to exploit their monetary value. Protect those who work in the earth with respect and punish those who ravish it of its treasures without regard. Become one with the earth, and you will know Geb, who abides in it. Geb will lead you to inner peace through steadfast knowledge and lend you the strength of the living rock to defend and protect in your time of need.

Appearance, Manifestations

Usually appearing as a Mulan human of regal stature, Geb typically wears a earth-colored robe known as a kalasiris as well as golden bracers and crown. Red eyes glow faintly from the brown skin of his face, which often sports a beard cut short and braided. He typically keeps a quarterstaff close at hand.

Relationships & History

One of the oldest deities of Mulhorand, Geb is the father of Isis, Set, Osiris, and Nephthys. Geb has long since been overshadowed by his progeny, but he is allied still to all but Set. He has alliances outside the Mulhorand pantheon as well, including Flandal Steelskin, Grumbar, and Moradin. The conflict between Horus-Re and Anhur has saddened him, and many feel that Geb may transfer his power to another deity and return to his beloved wife Nut, whom he left behind thousands of years ago in order to come to Toril and save his people.
Quick Descriptions:
Geb is a Mulan human of regal stature, with brown skin, red glowing eyes, and a short braided beard. He is wearing an earth-colored robe, golden bracers, and a crown. He is holding a quarterstaff in his right hand.
Deep in the mountain range is a open area surrounded by mountainous walls but open to the sky. The mountain walls surrounding the area are smoothed, with Mulhorandri symbols engraved throughout. In the center of the area is a large sandstone altar.
Geb's cleric has a series of three blue circles on his shaved head, and has a short braided beard. His skin is painted a brown tint. He is wearing a kalasiris, bracers and iron-shod boots, all inlayed with small precious stones.
The Symbol of Geb - A mountain
Symbol: A mountain
God Alignment: N
Worshipers Alignment
Cavern, Craft, Earth, Protection
The earth, miners, mines, mineral, resources
Elemental archons (earth), fighters, miners, smiths
Plane: Heliopolis
Weapon: Quarterstaff
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