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(pronounced EYE-sis)
Bountiful Lady, Lady of Rivers, Mistress of Enchantment
Intermediate Deity
Isis is shared by both the Mulhorandi and Pharaonic Pantheon. Isis is the wife of Osiris and mother of Re-Horakhty, Isis is the most powerful female deity of the pantheon. She is a god of magic and fertility, a patron of marriage, and (with Hathor) a god of motherhood. Her dominion over water represents the ancient rivers that are the source of fertility and life.

Isis is a woman of even temper and great dedication. She is a regal and noble deity who is eager to share the knowledge of the gods with humanity and often goes to great lengths to introduce her worshipers to new concepts and ideas. In many cases, these new ideas take the form of magical spells. Isis often finds the antics of mortals amusing, but she is a kind, understanding goddess who cares greatly for her worshipers and the peoples of Unther, Mulhorand and Egypt.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

The church of Isis is hierarchically organizes so as to ensure orderly planting and reaping of the harvest. Clerics of Isis spend their days overseeing the agricultural production of the nation's farms, particularly during planting time. Isis's high clerics use weather control spells to ensure a bountiful harvest. Members of her clergy also administer most marriage ceremonies in Mulhorand and Unther, work as matchmakers for those in search of a mate, serve as go-betweens for lovers, and counsel young mothers on raising their children. They often fashion small charms for those whose deeds have won the goddess's favor and magic items to serve good causes or lighten the burden of the common people.

Clerics and druids of Isis pray for their spells at just before the first morning meal. The two most sacred days for the clergy of Isis are Greengrass and Highharvestide. During the first festival, the clergy of Isis give thanks to the goddess for her aid in the planting, and during the second they give thanks to both Isis and Osiris for their help with the harvest. Both days are occasions for joyous celebration and wild revels, and all who participate in farming join in them along with the clergy. Clerics and druids of Isis have numerous daily rituals as well. They celebrate the Shift in the Winds each time the weather changes for the better and utter quiet thanks to the goddess. Every time they cross a river, they must drink deeply and give thanks for the goddess's bounty. Finally, they must bless each meal given by the goddess's bounty before partaking of a single bite. Most clerics of Isis eventually multiclass as wizards, while her druids sometimes multiclass as sorcerers.

Isis's temples are found everywhere the pantheon is revered. She often shares a single, grand temple with Osiris and Re-Horakhty, though each deity has a separate inner court within the temple. Many clerics serve all three deities.


Mulhorandi: Encourage love, affection, and marriage in the citizens of Mulhorand. Sow the seeds of happiness, family, and food wherever you go and provide wise counsel for those in need. Use your magic to benefit of the people of Mulhorand and never to harm them, particularly by shaping the weather to serve the populace and creating magic items for the benefit of all. Protect the heroes of Mulhorand and those who are in love.

Egypt: In her purest essence, Isis represents the power of love to overcome death. When Set killed her husband Osiris, Isis searched the land to find his body and labored to restore him to life. The strength of her love combined with her power to conquer death make her possibly the most popular of the Pharaonic deities. She is an approachable deity, for she loves her worshipers as much as she loves her husband, and she offers them the same gift she gave Osiris: everlasting life in the peaceful bliss of the Offering Fields.

For all her popularity, Isis has a more esoteric side in her role as deity of magic. Though wizards and sorcerers revere her, she also receives veneration in the form of countless charms with minor magical powers created in her name, making even her mysteries accessible to the masses of her followers.

Naturally, Isis is a great enemy of her husband's murderer and encourages her followers to oppose Set and his minions in the world.

Appearance, Manifestations

She appears as a dark-skinned human woman with green eyes, wearing a white pleated linen gown and many items of jewelry.

Relationships & History

Isis is the daughter of Geb, the wife of Osiris, the sister of Thoth, and the mother of Horus, making her one of the most influential deities of the Mulhorandi pantheon. She is allied with Sharess, and the nonevil deities of her pantheon. She is still saddened by the long-ago change in Horus that occurred thousands of years ago, and sometimes shares her grief with Chauntea, her agricultural counterpart in the Faerunian pantheon.
The Symbol of Isis - Ankh and star on a lunar disk
Symbol: Ankh and star on a lunar disk
God Alignment: NG
Worshipers Alignment
Arcana, Family, Good, Magic, Storm, Water
Weather, rivers, agriculture, love, marriage, good magic
Arcane spellcasters, druids, lovers, mothers
Plane: Heliopolis
Alternative: The Offering Fields
Weapon: Punching dagger
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