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(pronounced LEN-dor)
Prince of Time, Master of Tedium
Intermediate Deity
Lendor is the Suel god of Time, Tedium, Patience, and Study. Lendor is the sovereign, both father and mother, of the Suel pantheon. He considers himself superior to other deities, especially his children. He has the ability to banish or undo the magic of any his brood (although he does this rarely, as he is occupied with other concerns). Lendor is a distant deity who has withdrawn from the affairs of the world to care for larger issues.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Lendor worshipers are rare but, in a way, every mortal is one of his followers by the simple fact of living over time. His few worshippers are sages, historians, soothsayers, philosophers, and other enlightened people, who seek what the past and the future really contain.

A number of long-term assassins and conspirators, including some of the Scarlet Siblings, pay homage to Lendor as the deity of patience and foresight, two essential qualities for their missions.

Lendor has few young priests, and many regard this lack of new blood as a sign that his faith is in decline. His priests tend to be village elders, record-keepers, sages, and the like. The vast majority of the priesthood tends toward a cloistered lifestyle, spending little time outside their temples, libraries, or universities. They tend to be uncreative and preoccupied with ritual, simple formalities (often administrative), and unswerving devotion to lawful neutrality. They are often busy studying obscure books and scrolls with esoteric content. When their noses are deep in their books, Lendorians often play an advisory role to conservative leaders.

The few adventuring or traveling members of Lendor's faith tend to be its younger members, who may act as wandering counselors, taking this opportunity to do some proselytizing. They sometimes mount expeditions to recover old tomes and artifacts that have been missing for generations. They consider themselves superior to the priests of other clergy. Lendor's priests tend to arm themselves with greatswords and piercing or slashing weapons.

Lendor's faith is often divided into two sects. The conservative sect chooses to act completely independently. They are not insensitive to the fate of the people of Suel, but they are much more concerned with carrying out their own work, defending traditions and trying to determine the future. The more modern sect chooses to restore the splendor and the glory of the Suel people, through research and study.


Priests clothes are always silver and decorated with a black circle containing the symbol of Lendor. Within their temple or library, Lendorians rarely wear armor. However, they did not hesitate to equip themselves with leather armor or a chain mail. They can even use a shield.


The clergy are reduced and do not require any particular organization to be able to accomplish their tasks. With their unwavering attachment to the law, priests strictly stick to their respective ranks in terms of religious authority. If two priests have the same level, then their seniority in order prevails.


Temples to Lendor are rare, but do exists, however followers choose to worship on their own at personal shrines. However, major cities have at least one temple in which one can come to pray various Suel deities. Within these temples, there is always a place reserved for Lendor, even if it is not always particularly visible.


Lendor's services involve interminable recitations officiated by elderly priests.

Masses always take place solemnly, in the greatest calm. They can be the occasion for a conference on ​​research work (very long and boring to commoners) or the reading of a book which has just been found. The hymns consist of tracing the minutes which have passed (by recalling each year, month and day) in a monochord way. What most would consider boredom, there services help the faithful reach a higher state of consciousness.

Holy Days

Great Holy Day: On this day, all priests must participate in a large mass taking place in a temple in Lendor. Celebrations are also held on the first day of other months, but priests are under no obligation to attend if they are involved in an important task.


"Time stretches to infinity, and issues that seem pressing are merely a smaller part of a larger whole. In order to make sense of the universe, one must look at the entire mosaic instead of just a part of it. Age brings experience, wisdom, and the impetus to take things slow."

It is necessary to collect and codify as much information as possible, in order to better understand the world around us. The puzzles of existence are numerous and we must look for the missing parts.

To predict the future cannot be done without an increased knowledge of the evolution of the era in which we live. It is essential to study the past and the present, to understand how past events have shaped the present, and to determine how this pattern can be repeated in the future.

Appearance, Manifestations

Lendor is depicted as a husky older man with flowing hair and a long beard of white. He wields a flaming sword named Afterglow. He sometimes manifests as a silver dragon or a female elf.

Relationships & History

Lendor is regarded as the leader and progenitor of the Suel pantheon. Few details are available in canon sources on his specific relationship to various deities, but it is known that he is the father of Phaulkon, Wee Jas, and Norebo and grandfather of Kord. In fact, Lendor is the only known deity who can soothe his grandson's legendary rages.

The exact relationship between Lendor and the Oeridian time-god Cyndor is unknown, though Lendor has been referred to as Cyndor's "sometime ally (and superior)." His clergy is very friendly with that of Moradin and Berronar.

Chaotic clergy, especially those of Olidammara and Norebo, consider Lendor to be a spoilsport and hate the rigidity of his clergy. In addition, the clergy of Nerull and Incabulos do not appreciate how the priests of Lendor interfere with their plans, with so-called claims of researches of the truth.


Lendor is said to have started the flow of time at the birth of the universe with a single blow from his flaming sword, Afterglow.
Quick Descriptions:
Lendor is a husky older man with flowing hair and a long, white beard. He is wielding a flaming sword.
Lendor's temple is located on the university's grounds, near the back of the campus. The simple stone building is two stories and has tall windows. The interior is a library lined with various lanterns along the walls, with light pouring in from the windows. Mirrors hang from the ceiling reflecting light to various areas of the temple. There is a stone altar oddly in place along the back wall, among shelves of books. Many priests are occupied in either prayer or study.
Lendor's priest is an old human man, with a balding head and thin grey hair. He has on a silver robe with a black circle containing the symbol of Lendor on the front. He has a thin, black leather belt with various pouches. His age shows in his movements as he walks about, taking tiny shuffling steps.
The Symbol of Lendor - Crescent moon superimposed upon a full moon surrounded by stars
Symbol: Crescent moon superimposed upon a full moon surrounded by stars
God Alignment: LN
Worshipers Alignment
Law, Protection
Time, tedium, patience, study
Sages, village elders, record keepers
Plane: Mechanus (Wheel of Time)
Weapon: Longsword
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