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(pronounced nor-E-bo)
God of Gambles, Father of Chance, Lord of Chance, Dice of Fortune
Lesser Deity
Norebo is the Suel god of luck, gambling, and risks. He's often depicted as the brother, and lover, of Wee Jas.

Norebo is constantly seeking new sensations and experiences. Whenever there is an opportunity to learn something new, he will certainly take advantage of it. Any magical and non-magical items that Norebo wants to have, sooner or later falls into his hands. During his adventures, many of which involve thievery, there is often little planning and tactics — Norebo prefers to rely on instinct.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

The God of Gambles is one of the most popular Suel deities, perhaps second only to Kord. Although the people of Suel make up the largest number of his followers, he is worshiped by countless non-Suel rogues, barbarians, adventurers, gamblers, cheats and casino owners. Those wishing to ward off thieves and assassins will often donate to the local Church of the Big Gamble.

Norebo's priests are a garrulous, good-spirited lot, and will happily wager against all who visit their temples, which often double as gambling houses. Priests of Norebo often work part-time as dealers and the like . Their favored weapon is the dagger. They are known to make wagers on nearly anything, and enjoy taunting the followers of such rigid deities as Pholtus, Saint Cuthbert, and Allitur.

Priests of Norebo often act as banks of information (for those who will game with them), with an eye for the long-term interests of their god (advancement of his worship, protection of individual freedom, and the fleecing of the foolish).


The ceremonial garb for a priest of Norebo is a brown robe. Really old and influential clerics often don dark green robes.


Temples to Norebo, often called "Churches of the Big Gamble," are found throughout the Barbarian States, as well as in large cities throughout the Flanaess.

Donations to the churches are most often in the form of lost bets, as the churches usually double as gambling houses.


The most important holy days are the days preceding and following a great expeditions by Norebo priests, whose goal was to do something almost impossible. The clergy gathers followers to pray for blessing for daredevils setting off on an adventure.


Life is full of risks and gambling with fate is the only thing that makes life worth living. Owning property and life itself are fleeting things, and best be enjoyed while you have them.

Appearance, Manifestations

When the Gambling God takes the form of an avatar, he appears as a typical Suel elder. He has lean and narrow facial features, pale skin, deep blue eyes and gray-white hair. He dresses in ordinary clothes and wears a black coat and shoes.

Sometimes, he takes the form of an extremely handsome young Suel, wearing a pair of dark blue pantaloons, a loose blue shirt and a black coat - all made of the best quality material. In this form, his long silver hair is tied in a ponytail, showing an albino face and dark-purple eyes.

He can take the form of any animal at any time, which he uses to observe the actions of his faithful unnoticed. Norebo is known for his love of dice games, and his willingness to bet on nearly anything.

Relationships & History

Norebo has been paired with nearly all of the Suel goddesses, but for the past thousand years he has been the lover of Wee Jas. Norebo harbors a strong dislike for Ralishaz, who he feels gives gambling and risk-taking a bad name. Kurell is terribly jealous of Norebo for being more popular among rogues than he is. Norebo is allied with Rudd.

Norebo dislikes almost all gods of law (except for Wee Jas, of course). He shuns these deities, and especially likes to introduce chaos into their plans - regardless of their tendencies towards good, evil or neutrality. Norebo derives great pleasure from tormenting St. Cuthbert and Pholtus. According Norebo, these deities are the most rigid and saddest gods of Flan. It is said that the animosities between these two deities are caused by the actions of Norebo.
Quick Descriptions:
Norebo is an older Suel male, with lean and narrow facial features. He has pale skin, deep blue eyes and short gray-white hair. He is dressed in ordinary clothes and wears a black coat and shoes.
Norebo's temple is a lively place, as it doubles as a gambling house. The building is a large 2 story structure, with a stone first floor, and a wooden 2nd floor with balconies looking down onto the street. From the street, you can see that the roof is fenced off, probably for outdoor ceremonies and events. The interior is bustling with people, and you can see guards near every entrance. Numerous chandeliers hang from the ceiling, brightly lighting the floor below. The room is full of various gaming tables with people playing many different games (dice, cards, spinning wheels and more). Priests work the tables and many are seen gambling themselves.
Norebu's priest is a tall Suel male, with a narrow pale face, light blue eyes and has curly light blonde hair. He is wearing a brown robe with a leather belt.
Symbol: Pair of eight-sided dice
God Alignment: CN
Worshipers Alignment
Luck, Chaos
Gambling, luck, risks
Thieves, rogues, gamblers, swindlers, assassins, those that need luck
Plane: Pandemonium
Weapon: Dagger
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