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(pronounced pie-REH-mee-us)
The Blazing Killer, the Demon of Venom, the Hideous Assassin, the Murdering Flame
Lesser Deity
Pyremius is the Suel god of Assassins, Fire, Poison, and Murder. Pyremius was once a demigod of poison and murder, but he poisoned Ranet, the Suel goddess of fire, and assumed her portfolio. He is now the patron of assassins. He is friendly with fiends; jermlaine worship him, as do many nonhuman tribes. He keeps other gods at arm's length, except for Syrul, a fellow patron of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Pyremius is very popular in the lands ruled by the Scarlet Brotherhood, as well as among assassins and pyromaniacs. He is also worshipped by jermlaine, firenewts, and grimlocks.

Clerics tend to prey upon each other, and smarter ones sometimes leave a temple to find their own order of the church. Pyremius' clerics watch other people for weaknesses or openings in their defenses. They expose themselves to great heat to test their strength, plot against those who hold things they want, build superior forges, and explore exotic locations to find rare plants and other substances from which poisons can be made. Assassins can be hired at their temples; turnover among the clerics is high because of internal feuds.

Clerics of Pyremius are never granted spells related to cold. Many clergy members are assassins.


Clerics wear orange silk with red silk over that, slitted to reveal the inner layer. Male and female clerics both shave their heads. They wear brass bracers in imitation of their deity.


The lowest-ranking priests are known as deathseekers. Yhose higher up in the hierarchy are known as vipers, and those who rule them all are called firelords. Many elect not to use these titles, however, knowing they will only incite jealousy from their murderous inferiors.


Temples of Pyremius are made of mortared stone, volcanic stone if possible. Red and orange shapes are enameled into the walls and glazed to reflect the lights. Dark alcoves and chambers fuel a visitor's sense of paranoia.

The largest center of Pyremius' faithful is Hesuel Ilshar, the capital of the empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood.


The faithful of Pyremius meet during hot, dry days when wildfires are common. They meet at the sites of wildfires and pray to their fickle god. Sacrifices of slaves and prisoners are conducted at the beginning of winter, spring, and low summer. Victims are poisoned, stabbed, and burnt alive.


The world will perish in fire. Anything that threatens you must be burned, and those who would keep you from doing this must be killed. The greatest enemy must sleep sometime. Those who fall to such tactics deserve their fate, and those who exploit these weaknesses are the most crafty of all.

Appearance, Manifestations

Pyremius is depicted as a hideous human with a bald, jermlaine-like head. He wears large bracers of brass. He wields a sword, the Red Light of Hades, and a whip called the Viper of Hades.

Pyremius speaks through open flames, and occasionally causes them to assume his visage.

Relationships & History

Pyremius's closest allies are the goddess Syrul and the Oinoloth Mydianchlarus. He is distrustful of all other gods; he remembers how he betrayed Ranet, the previous Suel deity of fire, and doesn't wish for the same thing to happen to him. Geshtai particularly loathes him.
Quick Descriptions:
Pyremius is a hideous human with a bald, jermlaine-like head. He is wearing large bracers made of brass on each arm. He wields a flaming sword in one hand, and a flaming whip in the other.
The temple of Pyremius is made of mortared volcanic stone. The dark structure is 2 stories with thin slits for windows. 10' double doors of blackened metal mark the entrance. The interior opens to a 10' wide by 40' long hallway with doors to the left and right. The hallway leads into a 50'x50' diamond shaped room (with the rooms entrance at the southern-most tip, and archways in all the corners). The room is well-lit by dark iron braziers of hot burning coals that line the walls. The room gradually slopes downward leading to a circular fire pit in the middle, with a black stone altar in the middle
The priest of Pyremius is a male human of average height, with a shaved head and burn scars on his face. He has on an orange silk robe with various slits that reveal red fabric underneath. He is wearing brass bracers on both arms. At his hip is a sheathed longsword.
The Symbol of Pyremius - Demonic face with ears like a bat's wings
Symbol: Demonic face with ears like a bat's wings
God Alignment: NE
Worshipers Alignment
Destruction, Evil, Fire
Assassins, fire, poison, murder
Assassins, pyromaniacs, people of the Scarlet Brotherhood, jermlaine, firenewts, grimlocks.
Plane: Gray Waste (Hades)
Alternative: Niflheim (Black Volcano)
Weapon: Longsword
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