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(pronounced RAL-ih-shaz)
The Unlooked For
Intermediate Deity
Ralishaz is the god of Chance, Ill Luck, Misfortune, and Insanity. He rewards or punishes those that rely on chance or take great risks, seemingly at random. He is the god of insanity; many debate whether his appearance and whims are truly random or just madness. He shuns other gods, although he does not seem to be hateful of them. His holy symbol is three sticks of bone, derived from divination and gambling tools

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Victims of misfortune may try to placate Ralishaz; gamblers invoke him; those in peril beseech him; those planning speculative, high-risk adventurers will make offerings to him. His cult grows and ebbs with the misfortunes of the world.

Clerics are a curious combination of fatalism and recklessness, stoicism and wild endeavor, depending upon how they feel their place is in the world at that moment. Clerics are said to suffer misfortunes only rarely, but when they do, they are grave indeed. They preside over places of gambling, although most patrons are unsure if their presence wards off bad luck or draws it. They travel when their divinations indicate they should, or at the roll of a die. They are often mean-minded or cruel, not seeing the point of friendliness to someone who will eventually be cursed by bad luck.

Clerics like to torment people who have a tidy life, have fun making those who believe in their glorious destiny doubt, and take sadistic pleasure in manipulating weak minds which have principles that are too rigid.

Men and women are equal in the eyes of Ralishaz and his clergy. However, in practice, men are more numerous and occupy most of the high ranks. Women often find it difficult to find their place in a clergy where men give free rein to their instincts.


The priests wear multicolored robes, made of various materials, asymmetrical blended together — the finished attire is very heterogeneous. The colors are always discordant. Priests abandon these outfits only when they have to exercise discretion.


The clergy are devoid of any central organization. Each temple has a strong propensity for independence and, even within it, it is rare for priests to help each other unless forced to do so.

The functioning of each temple depends solely on its high priest and the goodwill of his subordinates. Everyone thinks that their point of view is the best and does not hesitate to give their opinion and criticize the decisions made. Fortunately, this rarely turns into violent conflict, the priests preferring to rely on chance or divination to settle disputes.


Places of worship most often boil down to a simple altar placed in the back room of a gambling establishment or under a tent erected hastily by an itinerant priest. The rare temples are found in big cities or on the contrary in isolated areas, far from civilization.


Worship services to Ralishaz include playing semi-random notes on musical instruments, babbling paeans, casting augury spells, and wild interplays of complete opposites; light and darkness, heat and cold, noise and quiet.


Order does not exist, only randomness and chance, and the odds are stacked against you. While you may have a good run against the odds, eventually the universe will balance itself out against you. Randomness and insanity go hand in hand, and sometimes those who are the most insane are the ones who are closest to the true nature of the universe. Kindness and prosperity are illusions, as misfortune comes to all sooner or later.

Appearance, Manifestations

Ralishaz is ever-changing. His appearance constantly shifts and changes, one moment beautiful the next hideous, one moment male the next female, or any other such combination of opposites. However, he usually appears as an oddly dressed beggar and carries nothing but his wooden staff.

Relationships & History

Ralishaz is allied with Kurell, despised by Norebo, and opposed by Rudd. Ralishaz shuns the other gods, although he doesn't appear to harbor any particular hatred for any one of them.
Quick Descriptions:
Ralishaz's appearance is ever-changing. His appearance constantly shifting — one moment beautiful the next hideous, one moment male the next female, or any other such combination of opposites. The only part of his appearance that remains constant is the quarterstaff that he holds.
In the back of the gambling den is a small room with several couches and a low table. Along the back wall is a small end table with a bronze bowl full of water. Above the bowl, hanging on the wall, is banner nailed to the wall. It is multicolored and depicts the symbol of Ralishaz - 3 scattered bones.
The priest of Ralishaz is a middle aged human male, with a long nose and a wide smile. He has long wavy light brown hair and a beard, but no mustache. He has on a multicolored robe made of various materials, asymmetrically blended together. He is carrying a quarterstaff.
The Symbol of Ralishaz - Three sticks of bone
Symbol: Three sticks of bone
God Alignment: CN
Worshipers Alignment
Chaos, Destruction, Luck
Chance, ill luck, misfortune, insanity
Gamblers, the insane, risk-takers, Xaositects, bandits
Plane: Limbo (Kiss of Happiness)
Weapon: Quarterstaff
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