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(pronounced RUD)
The Charm, the Duelist, the Great Gambler, Luckbringer, Lady Luck, the Laughing Goddess, Smiley, Queen of Cards
Rudd is the Oeridian goddess of Chance, Good Luck, and Skill. As the Great Gambler, she knows every card game invented. Rudd avoids completely cerebral games like Dragonchess, finding them too easy.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Rudd's faith is popular among gamblers, thieves and cheats. She is also popular with adventurers.

Rudd's clerics engage in games of chance that allow them to hone their skills, and often work in gambling houses. They can also be found in archery and fencing schools. They adventure for the thrill of it, and enjoy beating the odds.


Clergy of Rudd wear bright clothing in the latest fashion. Their favored weapons are the rapier and the shortbow.


The largest of Rudd's shrines, in the Crossed Blades Gambling Hall, is located in the city of Peacekeep on the southern border of Bissel. The priests run the hall, while her shrine lies in the outermost of the hall's chambers.

Holy Days

Rudd's mortal birthday is celebrated on the 10th day of Planting. This is not an official holiday of the church, but her clerics in Bissel often recognize it as such.

One legend has it that on her eighteenth birthday, Rudd successfully fended off an entire battalion of bugbears using only a cake and a spoon. A food fight is held in honor of this event every Planting 10 in Bissel.


Make your own luck by relying chiefly on your skills, but never rule out the long shot. Cheating is fine, as long as you don't get caught—successfully cheating is considered a skill. Those who are able to recognize and take advantage of good luck may become heroes, while those who mistake bad luck for the good are merely fools.

Appearance, Manifestations

Rudd is depicted as an athletic, trim, Oeridian woman (though with some obvious Suel blood) garbed in form-fitting clothing with a long cloak of blue. She is young and invariably smiling. She has short black hair. She wields a rapier named Keleshe, a stiletto, and shortbow.

Relationships & History

Rudd is on good terms with her mentor, Olidammara, and Norebo (said by some to be her father), but opposes Iuz, Zagyg, and Ralishaz. She doesn't get along well with Istus, as Rudd has a big problem with the idea of predestination.


Rudd was born in -400 CY, supposedly in what is now Bissel; she was a mortal woman who was sponsored to godhood by Olidammara. In 505 CY, Rudd was one of the nine demigods of opposing alignments captured in the Godtrap by Zagig Yragerne in his own bid for godhood. Rudd eventually escaped, but not before her mentor was himself briefly captured by the archmage.
Quick Descriptions:
Rudd is an young, athletic, and trim Oeridian woman (though with some obvious Suel blood). She is garbed in form-fitting clothing with a long blue cloak. She has short black hair and a wide smile. She holds a rapier in one hand, and a stiletto in the other.
The gambling hall is a large stone structure. The entrance is heavily guarded and leads into the main room, full of gaming tables and dealers. Many chandeliers hang from the ceiling, lighting the room. Along the left wall is an archway leading to a small room with a shrine to Rudd—a locked box, with a slit on it's top, sitting on a carved pedestal. Behind the shrine is a banner painted with a bulleye target.
Rudd's priest is a pretty woman with short black hair. She is wearing a bright red shirt with yellow patterns styled throughout and brown pantaloons. She is dressed in the latest fashion of the middle class. She has on a medallion with a target painted on it's face.
The Symbol of Rudd - Bullseye target
Symbol: Bullseye target
God Alignment: CN
Worshipers Alignment
Luck, Skill
Chance, good luck, skill
Gamblers, thieves, cheaters, adventurers
Plane: Ysgard (House of Cards)
Weapon: Rapier
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