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(pronounced tri-THEER-e-on)
The Summoner, The Hunter, The Inescapable, The Vengeful One
Intermediate Deity
Trithereon is the god of individuality, self-defense and freedom. His symbol, the Rune of Pursuit, illustrates the need to fight for freedom and to put an end to the actions of those who seek to restrict it. He is an avenging god, who applies the retaliation law without hesitation.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Trithereon's protective aspect appeals to many people, as does his role as a deity of retribution. His cult is particularly lively in conflict zones and on the borders of regions still occupied, where people seek protection and revenge against enemy forces. Trithereon is also worshiped by many of the oppressed and enslaved, or living under a despotic regime.

Due to its activities, the church of Trithereon is one of the most abhorred by the legalistic authorities in place. Worship is prohibited in many lands. At best, they see Trithereon's followers as upstarts and troublemakers. At worst, they see Trithereon's faith as a threat to the rule of law and those who govern.


Trithereon's priests oppose slavery and other forms of oppression. Rugged individualists, they have little fear of questioning authority.

In rural areas, Trithereon's priests often act as border skirmishers and spies (where appropriate). They also work with demihumans and woodsmen, keeping watch against evil humanoids and despots. In urban settings, Trithereon's priests train locals in self-defense and weaponry, practice battle tactics, and recruit like-minded rangers and rogues to train the priesthood in covert conflict and "for the cause of individual liberty." Urban and rural priest both closely watch Lawfully-aligned religions lest they gain too much power.

When people cannot get religious help anywhere else, the Avengers willingly perform all kinds of religious ceremonies: blessings, baptisms, weddings, burials, exorcisms, etc. They can, for example, marry two young people whose union is opposed by their parents.

The Avengers, as the clergy are often called, are surly individualists who are never afraid to question authority. Most people see them as hotheads who draw their sword and tongue too quickly. It must be recognized that, even if they are not harmful, they can cause a lot of disorder. It is also well known, even by the followers of Trithereon, that if you seek tranquility then it is best to avoid living near a temple of Trithereon.

The Avengers have their hearts on their hands, and are always ready to help the poor and the oppressed. This can be against a rigid and too severe administration, or against street gangs which terrorize and extort from city dwellers, or even against monsters who roam the countryside. They do not ask for a reward for their services but they are fanatics who never forget to sing the praises of Trithereon, trying to convert those helped to their worship.


Priests wear robes of dark blue or purple, with silver or golden trim, over which they wear red, silver or gold scarves to designate their rank. Blue cassocks bearing the Rune of Pursuit are worn for special ceremonies.

Most of the time, they adapt to local customs and dress like the common people. When they are in armor (usually chain mail) and want to be recognized, they wear a blue surcoat with the symbol of their god clearly visible on the front and the back. They favor spears, swords, and clubs. The Avengers never use a shield.


The clergy are organized quite simply around four hierarchical levels.

The lowest, the Hopeful Initiates (typically level 1 to 4) are advised to become more experienced before engaging in actions that are too dangerous, and often deal with subordinate tasks, such as helping to maintain places of worship, collecting donations or preaching in the streets and in the countryside. However, they have great freedom of action and can even choose to go on an adventure alone, provided they donate 10% of their earnings to the clergy.

The second is the Sacred Sons and Daughters of Trithereon (level 5 to 8). It is the largest and most important contingent in the clergy; its members are involved in multiple actions across Flanaess.

The Fathers and Mothers of Trithereon (level 9 to 13) are often responsible for a temple or organize resistance in countries where the people are oppressed. They are all seasoned adventurer, and some already have an important influence in the regions where they operate.

The Master Priests and Mistress Priests (level 14+) jointly lead the clergy, without there really being any hierarchical order between them. They are free to make their own decisions and take no orders from anyone (except Trithereon and his celestial servants). They organize large-scale armed struggles, try to overthrow tyrannical governments or eliminate despots, and engage in extremely perilous missions that can lead them to the other end of Flanaess.


The temples are solid stone buildings topped by a bell tower. They always include armory and are designed to withstand an attack and allow effective defense. They also house not only priests but also experienced warriors responsible for their protection.


The faithful are called to come to mass by ringing the temple bell for at least one minute. Generally, the ceremony begins one hour before sunset, but it can be at dawn on holidays or during wartime.

The masses are particularly noisy, the clatter of arms, punctuated by war cries, alternating with enthusiastic hymns to the sound of horns and bells. In the temple lit by ceremonial flames, the priests simulate battles, involving the participants in order to teach them how to use weapons of war and enable them to defend themselves. The ceremony ends with the triumphant procession of new converts to the faith.


The Knights of the Chase are closely linked with the church of Trithereon.


Everyone deserves to live and choose their own place in the world. Slavery and tyranny must must be opposed and overthrown. We must teach ordinary people to defend themselves and their possessions from those wishing to infringe on their freedoms. Those wronged have the right to seek vengeance, especially if no one else will aid them. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

People are born free and equal before the law. The greatest good is freedom and everyone should be able to live their life as they see fit, without prejudice or punishment, as long as this does not affect the freedom and rights of others. Those who deny this right to liberty must be killed, and no sacrifice is too great to achieve it.

Revenge is a legitimate right, but it must be proportionate to the harm suffered. In no case should fathers be punished for their sons and sons for their fathers; everyone will pay for their own crime.

The communities are there to allow people to pool their resources and cooperate in tasks that they could not do alone. This is fine, but individuals are free to join or not to join or leave a community as they wish. In addition, you can never sacrifice an individual for the benefit of a community. However, those who seek to live from the hard work of a community, without trying to bring anything back, are parasites who should be expelled from that community.

Most of these communities come together to form a country with a central authority, but that authority is only legitimate if it has the support of the people. The duty of every leader is to continually prove that he is worthy of the trust that people have placed in him.

However, in this imperfect world, there are always people who seek power at all costs, and who do not hesitate to enslave and oppress their fellow men. We must therefore be ready to take up arms to fight these oppressors who are depriving the people of their fundamental rights. It is the duty of the followers of Trithereon to defend the weak and to support people oppressed by their leaders.

Even when a country is well managed, one must remain vigilant. Evil came sprout from anywhere and must be fought relentlessly. It can be clearly identifiable, or an insidious poison that quietly seeps into a society.

Appearance, Manifestations

Trithereon is depicted as a young man with red-gold hair, tall and well-built, wearing a golden chainmail shirt with clothes of blue or violet. He is armed with three magic weapons: a sword named Freedom's Tongue; a spear called Krelestro, the Harbinger of Doom; and a scepter known as the Baton of Retribution.

Relationships & History

Trithereon is a foe of evil and oppression. His love of freedom sometimes causes him to come into conflict with lawful good deities, such as Pholtus and Heironeous. Bralm hates Trithereon for his promotion of individualism. He is a strong ally of the quasi-deity Krovis, and he is allied with Kurell and Pelor as well. Trithereon is pleased with Lydia's philosophy of individual empowerment through learning.

In his divine task, when he was a mortal, Trithereon saved the souls of three creatures from the forces of evil. They include Nemoud the Hound, Harrus the Falcon and Carolk the Sea Lizard. Trithereon often conjures them to fight alongside him, rescue the faithful or hunt criminals.


The sages agree that Trithereon was formerly an epic warrior known as Trithenon, who distinguished itself during the dark periods which followed the Twin Cataclysms. Trithenon was a lone wolf, freedom-loving, who preferred to act alone. He had great combat skills, and was also able to conjure creatures to help him. His kindness and countless acts of bravery earned him the right be deified by the powers of Good.
Quick Descriptions:
Trithereon is a young man with red-gold hair. He is tall and well-built, wearing a golden chainmail shirt with violet and blue clothing. He carries a spear with a large blade, a broad sword and a scepter attached to his broad leather belt studded with gold.
Trithereon's temple is a solid grey stone building topped by a bell tower. The structure looks well fortified, with solid oak doors reinforced with iron, barred arrow slit windows and ramparts on the roof. The only entrance is the front door that leads into a large 30'x30' ante-chamber. Arrows slits surround this area, which is probably used as a kill-room for invaders. Ahead is an archway with a raised portcullis that leads to the main chapel. The 70'x50' room is well-lit with braziers along the left and right walls. Banners and columns are equally dispersed along the walls. Rows of wooden benches and a central aisle with a long purple rug leads up to an ornate stone altar. Behind the altar is a painted mural depicting oppressed people rising up against tyranny.
Trithereon's priest is a staunch middle-aged man, with a stern face and hard eyes. He is wearing a purple robe with a silver scarf. He has a long sword in a scabbard at his hip.
The Symbol of Trithereon - A three-armed fylfot/swastika
Symbol: A three-armed fylfot/swastika
God Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignment
Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength
Individuality, liberty, retribution, self-defense
The oppressed, enslaved, rebels, peasants
Plane: Arborea (1st layer, Forking Road)
Weapon: Spear
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