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(pronounced OO-lah)
The Stonewife
Intermediate Deity
Ulaa is the goddess of Hills, Mountains, and Gemstones. She is the patron saint of mountaineers, miners and quarrymen, and is seen as the protector of benevolent communities living in the hills against the abuses of evil humanoids.

Popular belief is that she places gems (usually rubies), under hills and mountains, in order to test and strengthen her followers through the labor they must undertake to reach them, as well as for the benefit the gems bring to the community.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Ulaa is worshipped by humans (typically hill dwellers, mountain dwellers, miners and quarrymen), dwarves and gnomes. Faith in Ulaa is all the more vivid as the threat of giants and humanoids is great. Her faith is prominent in rural areas concentrated in the regions of low or medium mountains.

The priests of Ulaa often live in the mountains. They defend their community, guide those who cross their country, clean up the lairs of evil humanoids and teach miners and quarry men to dig in the best places. They often watch over the maintenance of mines and quarries, using their spells to ensure the safety of those who work there.


Upon entering the order, novitiates are given a green robe. Then, when they have completed their novitiate, their robes are a mix of brown and green, the proportion of brown increasing with their level. The high priests initially wear a completely brown robe, then a brown robe mixed with gray, the proportion of gray increasing with their level to get closer and closer to the color of the stone. It is only after having reached the rank of high priest that a Child of the Stone has the badge of honor to wear an entirely gray vestment.


The temples of Ulaa are found almost exclusively in low or middle mountain regions of Flanaess. Most of them are underground and if built on the surface, they still have a stone roof.

The underground temples are preferably built in a large natural cave, which can be considerably enlarged by miners. The site must exude great natural beauty and include a lake, a spring or a stream as well as concretions such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, mineral flowers, etc. The work of miners must above all not degrade the site but on the contrary enhance it, even embellish it by using imitations of natural formations.


During masses, gems and semi-precious stones are exposed on rock, the faithful strike their hammer rhythmically on the stone while singing hymns formed by simple low notes.

The faithful must pray to Ulaa every morning after waking up, in order to thank her for keeping the earth stable and safe while they sleep.

On the first Earth day of each month, the faithful must sacrifice semi-precious stones. They can ask a priest to pulverize them with a hammer on a sacred altar of Ulaa or, failing this, do it themselves and then throw the powder into a well, an abyss or an underground river.

The Hunt of Ulaa and and the dwarf rituals of Harnekiah are ritual hunts for evil humanoids which are carried out during one week. It is often referred to as the "cleaning of the mountains." Many mountaineers and miners join the hunt in order to eliminate the threat of attacks on the communities of the region.


Whether on the surface or in the tunnels that run through them like veins, the hills and mountains are beautiful and sacred. Working stone for the cause of Good is a blessed task, but carving rock out of greed or a taste for Evil is an abomination. The most beautiful gifts of the earth are the gems, each constituting a tiny part of its power and its beauty.

In order to advance in life, you must be courageous, anticipate problems and take charge of your destiny while being ready to seize any opportunity that may arise. The hills and mountains will give their treasures only to those who act—and not allow evil humanoids to seize them. Having a spirit of initiative is admirable, and competition is welcome, but miners must take care to preserve the beauties of Oerth and not to distort the surrounding landscape.

Mineral wealth is not intended to be hoarded by one, even if it is deserving, but must be used for the greater good of the community. It is not a sin to prosper but it must be done in an honest manner, while helping others in a true spirit of kindness. Those who uses deception, theft and slander to achieve his ends, deserves only contempt and shame.

Appearance, Manifestations

Ulaa is depicted as a dwarven woman with gnomish facial features. She wields a mighty hammer called Skullringer.

Whether Ulaa is more like a gnome, a dwarf or a human is still open to debate. According to mythology, her size and build are those of a dwarf, her features are those of a gnome and her agility is that of a human. It is also revered by these three races, the dwarfs and gnomes frequently including Ulaa in their pantheon.

Relationships & History

Ulaa is the wife of Bleredd, and an ally of Beory.

The priests of Ulaa regularly collaborate with the dwarf and gnome clergy. It should be noted, however, that the dwarves who worship Ulaa usually do not pray to Moradin and this sometimes leads to some friction between the two clergy (although Moradin does not take offense and that the two deities are on very good terms).

Ulaa is allied with Bleredd and Beory. She is on excellent terms with Zilchus and appreciates Ehlonna, Heironeous, Mayaheine, Pelor, Saint-Cuthbert, Allitur, Berei and Jascar. She often works with Saint-Cuthbert to oppose the demonic forces of Iggwilv and Iuz.
Quick Descriptions:
Ulaa is a dwarven woman with gnomish facial features, and with the agility of a human.
The mining tunnel leads to a large 90'x120' cavern with fluorescent moss crawling up various walls and all over the 30' high ceiling, providing a soft blue light throughout the room. Among the stalactites and various boulders, on the uneven floor, and beautifully crafted columns and stone statues, randomly dispersed throughout. In the middle of the cavern is a large 20'x20' dais with a masterwork altar.
Ulaa's priest is a stout human with a broad chest and hard eyes. He has a wavy graying brown hair and thick beard neatly tied with a leather strap.He is wearing a layered green and brown robe.
The Symbol of Ulaa - Mountain with a ruby heart
Symbol: Mountain with a ruby heart
God Alignment: LG
Worshipers Alignment
Earth, Good, Law
Hills, mountains, gemstones
Miners, mountain dwellers, hill dwellers, dwarves, gnomes,
Plane: Mount Celestia / Outlands (Iron Hills)
Weapon: Warhammer
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