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(pronounced zoo-OH-ken)
Master of Da'Shon and Edel, Servant of the Lady, the Survivor
Zuoken is the Baklunish god of physical and mental mastery. Once a human martial artist, Zuoken attained such mental and physical perfection that Xan Yae raised him into godhood several centuries ago. Zuoken encourages his followers to be disciplined, serene masters of their minds and bodies.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Zuoken's followers are almost always monks. The god sends his followers into the world to improve themselves.


Zuoken's clerics teach da'shon and the way of Zuoken and Xan Yae. Zuoken’s clerics study at the feet of a master, with their training consisting of long dialogues between the master and students punctuated by intense physical training and martial arts practice.

Clerics often wander the land to accelerate their physical and mental advancement, undergo many tests of hardship within and outside their temples in the pursuit of perfection, search for their god's prison, and attack monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood when encountered.

As aging and infirmity are concerns for those who perfect their bodies, they care for the elderly to acclimatize themselves with its changes. Although Zuoken is confined in some way, his clerics receive their spells normally.


A typical cleric of Zuoken wears light, plain-colored clothing decorated only with a simple sash bearing Zuoken's striking fist symbol.


Zuoken's temples are typically far from civilization. They are often guarded by an order of monks known as the Fists of Zuoken.


Zuoken's followers meditate with every full moon. Prayers to Zuoken are short and poetic, often using a strange sentence structure that tends to confuse non-initiates. A common beginning to a prayer is "Zuoken, me to the pinnacle take..."


To learn da'shon is to be on the path to perfection, for the use of weapons is a hindrance to the ability of mankind to attain the goal; once the goal is reached, one can use such things without fear of losing sight of perfection. One must strive to achieve the pinnacle of physical and mental ability. One must pursue harmony to achieve perfection, so every issue must be considered from both sides so that a balance may be struck between the two, allowing a harmonious resolution.

Appearance, Manifestations

Zuoken appears as a Baklunish man of unremarkable appearance. He speaks very little. Zuoken sends a thought slayer as his herald. His planar allies are rasts, couatls, and huge elementals of any type.

Relationships & History

Zuoken is a servant power of the goddess Xan Yae. He is allied with Delleb.


Zuoken was a mortal servant of Xan Yae who had mastered martial arts (his unarmed style was called da'shon, or "falling hail"). With 38 other monks, all unarmed, he held off a crucial mountain pass for three days and nights against a vastly numerically superior army of invaders. Though he was the lone survivor, they were successful. After inspiring an entire generation of new monks, Zuoken traveled to the Pinnacles of Azor'alq where he passed the tests needed to become a demigod. It is said that Zuoken ascended to the heavens on the moon's silvery staircase.
Quick Descriptions:
Zuoken is a Baklunish man with tan skin and short dark hair, but nothing stands out as remarkable. He speaks very little and stands there unarmed.
Zuoken's temple is a tall white stone structure, with red pillars adorning the front, walls with gold inlays and patterns, and a red shingled roof. Various monks walk about the ground surrounding the structure. Some monks are sitting on the floor meditating, and others are practicing various forms of unarmed combat. The interior of the temple is a long hall 30'x70' long, at the end of which is a white stone altar with gold etchings. Red pillars and tall windows line the walls. Red wood beams cross the ceiling all the way down the room, and chandeliers hang from above.
Zuoken's priest is a short man in his 30s, with thoughtful eyes and a somber face. He is wearing a fitted tan robe with a red sash bearing Zuoken's symbol of a striking fist.
The Symbol of Zuoken - Striking fist
Symbol: Striking fist
God Alignment: N
Worshipers Alignment
Mind, Strength
Monks, mental powers, physical and mental mastery
Monks, martial artists, rogues, thieves, young lovers
Plane: Prime Material Plane (Oerth)
Weapon: Nunchaku
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