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(pronounced haan-seeth)
The Bearded One
Lesser Deity
Hanseath is the dwarven deity of carousing, brewery, and singing, representing the more festive side of the Stout Folk. He is also a war god, beloved by berserkers and whose followers are always seemingly off on some kind of crusade.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Hanseath is held in high regard by brewers and barbarians alike, along with any dwarf that charged into battle ignoring the odds. His worshipers are often either in battle, or marching towards the next one, and his clerics often serve in dwarven military units (as both healers and spellcasters) urging their fellows into battle. Given their rebellious streak however, Hanseath's clerics are not always comfortable for the rest of the army to mix with, and many times are segregated into their own berserker units.

Hanseath often orders his followers to make war against the traditional enemies of the dwarves: goblinoids, orcs, giants, and drow.

During the glory days of Myth Drannor, the dwarves who maintained the Shrine of Hanseath held the title of "brewmaster", and produced sacred beers and ales that possessed different beneficial magical properties.


Hanseath's shrines are great festhalls, most of which have extensive kitchens and pantries attached, dominated by long tables for worshipers to feast at and raise their goblets to the glory of the Bearded One.


Prayers to Hanseath are, in short, drinking songs; they are often chanted or sung, and many have simple rhyming schemes and frequent, repetitive choruses. His rituals are abundant with food and drink, often appearing to be great feasts, and most are raucous events performed before battle or after victory. The sole exception to this was the Ritual of the Cleft Shield, a rite notable in dwarven culture for being particularly, heartbreakingly solemn. It is performed by followers of Hanseath for a particularly beloved comrade that fell in battle.


Never tolerate traditional enemies of the dwarves: goblinoids, orcs, giants, and drow. In battle use a direct approach, there is no need for subtle or complex strategy. Celebrate every victory, even a small one. Go into battle with a song and a brave heart.

Appearance, Manifestations

Hanseath often appears as a stocky dwarf with a bulbous red nose, burnt umber hair and a long flowing beard. He often wears a commoner's tunic under a brewer's apron, and comfortable breeches. He is almost always holding a full flagon of ale, and singing a festive drinking song.

Relationships & History

Hanseath's herald is a celestial dwarf, this servant also being an unimaginably powerful barbarian. Among his allies are death and green slaadi, as well as howlers.
Quick Descriptions:
Hanseath is a stocky dwarf with a bulbous red nose, burnt umber hair and a long flowing beard. He wears a simple tunic under a brewer's apron and a comfortable pair of breeches.
A large feast hall is filled with long common tables. Large chandler's hang from the ceiling, and huge hearths line the walls, filling the room with warmth and light. Huge kegs sit along the southern wall, where several bartenders are constantly filling flagons of ale. Dwarves crowd the room, singing festive songs, and drinking ale.
The Symbol of Hanseath - Golden beer stein
Symbol: Golden beer stein
God Alignment: CN
Worshipers Alignment
Trickery, War
Alcohol, brewing, festivals, song
Brewers, barbarians, berserkers, cooks, drunks, gluttons
Plane: Dwarfhome
Weapon: Battleaxe
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