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(pronounced Ah-PAHL-low)
The Musician of the Gods, The Archer God, The Farshooter, The Healer, The God of Light, The God of Truth
Intermediate Deity
Apollo is the god of music, light, and healing. He and his clergy preach peace, forgiveness, and justice over revenge. He urges his followers to make peace where they can and to help those who have strayed atone for their misdeeds. He does not tolerate willful acts of evil and has no patience with unrepentant criminals. He has a very low opinion of thieves and those who make their livings dishonestly.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Apollo urges his followers to be bold and relentless when facing evil, but also to remember to have compassion for the victims of evil and to take time to appreciate the finer things in life, especially music.

They serve as advisors, teachers, diplomats, and healers. They prefer a peaceful role, mediating disputes and making the injured whole when they can. They are not afraid to take up arms when necessary, however, and gladly make their points on the battlefield if they cannot do so in the council chamber.


Apollo's clerics often wear golden or yellow garb.


Apollo's temples are usually placed in sunny spots or near caves or hot springs. In addition to hospitals for the sick, Apollo's temples usually also include divination chambers where his clerics divine the future.


Stay your blade, and let us speak of truce, peace and forgiveness. Those that have committed crimes will face justice, and must atone. But yea, stay off the path of vengeance, for that is dark full of peril. Those that commit willful acts of evil are Apollo's enemy, and must face retribution through steel.

Appearance, Manifestations

Apollo appears as a handsome, beardless young man carrying a golden lyre and a silver bow. Generally benevolent and helpful, but his anger can be devastating - loosing arrows of disease and death on his targets. He is quite vain about his musical prowess. It is also said that no falsehood has ever passed his lips

Relationships & History

Apollo was born by Zeus, the King of the Gods, and the Titaness Leto on the Greek island of Delos. Apollo had an older twin sister, the goddess of the hunt Artemis. He had a relationships with the Nymphs Cyrene, Daphne, and the mortal Coronis. His children include Asclepius (the god of Healing), the legendary musician Orpheus, and the heroes Troilus and Aristaeus.
Quick Descriptions:
Apollo appears as a handsome, beardless young man carrying a golden lyre and a silver bow.
Apollo's temple is a tall columned structure of marble. The entryway leads into a larger chamber with several statues (depicting the god in various poses) aligned against the walls. Tall windows and wall sconces light the room. Against the far wall is a marble altar with a large brazier to the right, probably for sacrifices and offereings. There are two doorways against the right wall. One leads to a room with rows of beds, and appears to be a medical facility. The other door leads to a circular room with a central dais surrounded by marble benches.
Apollo's cleric has short cropped hair and is wearing a golden-yellow robe, and simple leather sandals.
The Symbol of Apollo - Lyre
Symbol: Lyre
God Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignment
Light, Life, Good, Healing, Magic, Sun
Light, prophecy, music, healing
Bards, elves, wizards, sorcerers, healers, sages, rangers
Plane: Olympus
Weapon: Composite longbow
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