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(pronounced Ar-TEH-Miss)
Artemis of the Golden Shafts, Friend of Youth, Lady of the Lake, The Huntress
Intermediate Deity
Artemis is the Olympian goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity; in time, she also became associated with childbirth and nature. In Rome, she is called Diana.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Artemis calls on her followers to protect wilderness areas, preventing their destruction or wasteful use. Though Artemis herself is a wild hunter, she exhorts her followers to hunt only what they need for food, never to hunt simply for sport. Artemis is a friend of nymphs and dryads, and somewhat less fond of centaurs and satyrs (her sympathies clearly lie with women of all species).

Artemis's clerics are all women, and they must remain chaste and unmarried. They tend to retire from civilization to the woodlands. Like their deity, they spend much time with animals and sylvan fey. They typically dress in deerskin or moss green tunics.


The wilderness and all its creatures are sacred. Protect wilderness areas from destruction and wasteful use. Only hunt for food, never for sport.

Appearance, Manifestations

Artemis typically appears as a young woman in rustic clothing, usually a short tunic that extends to her knees. She may be wearing a belt with either a sword or dagger. She almost always has a bow and quiver on her back.

Relationships & History

Artemis was born as a daughter of Zeus, the Ruler of the Greek gods and the Titaness Leto on Mount Cynthus at the island of Delos in Greece. Artemis had a twin brother, Apollo. Apollo was the god of the Sun, whereas Artemis' cult was connected to the Moon. Artemis was born before Apollo and helped her mother give birth to her little brother. Goddess Artemis never married.
Quick Descriptions:
Artemis is a young woman with a green tunic extending down to her knees. She is wearing a leather belt, with a sword in a scabbard. On her back is a bow and quiver.
The "temple" is really a clearing in the woods. The canopy of trees opens on the center and allows the sun to light and warm the area. The ground is lush grass, with flowers blooming on the edges. In the middle is a natural stone altar. Ontop of the altar are wooden carvings, flowers, berries, herbs and even a pelt.
The priestess is wearing a green tunic, with a leather belt at her waist, the went down to her knees. Her hair is pulled back with a simple leather headband. She has a bow and quiver on her back, and a dagger scabbard at her hip.
The Symbol of Artemis - Bow and arrow on a lunar disk
Symbol: Bow and arrow on a lunar disk
God Alignment: NG
Worshipers Alignment
Animal, Good, Plant, Sun
Hunting, wild beasts, childbirth, dance
Rangers, druids, elves, halflings, hunters
Plane: Olympus
Weapon: Shortsword
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