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(pronounced BAL-Der)
God of Beauty
Intermediate Deity
Balder (also Baldr, Baldur) is the god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun. He is so handsome, generous, and good that he gives off light, simply by the purity of his character. Balder is most noted for the story of his death.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Many of Balder's clergy possess great physical beauty. They dress simply but well, and many are skilled artists. Those seeking comfort after a great loss are well advised to seek someone in Balder's service.


Balder's temples are sturdy forts, like most Asgardian temples. They are the most beautiful and well-designed temples of the pantheon without being gilded, luxurious, or overdone. Their beauty comes from elegance and simplicity. Not only are the carvings and paintings lovely, but the buildings themselves are skillfully designed for their locations and environments. Temples to Balder usually appear in areas with high gnome populations, and the signs of their artistry are clear. Wooden tools, implements, and weapons are forbidden in Balder's temples. The temples generally contain a small armory and workshops or studios where the clergy can receive the god's inspiration.

Visitors to Balder's temples can feel overwhelmed by the grace and elegance, though the clerics are open and smiling. Those seeking comfort receive it with as much privacy as they desire. Those seeking inspiration are told stories or shown artwork related to their particular talent. Bards are particularly welcome, and many temples host performances by famous skalds.


The mental and emotional state achieved while creating beautiful objects brings the artist closer to the gods; and the gods deserve reverence and gratitude as the sources of artistic inspiration. In addition, Baldar teaches us that out of great tragedy come new growth, new opportunity, and new hope for the future. Accept the fate thrown upon you, and do so with smile and laughter.

Appearance, Manifestations

Being a god of beauty and inspiration, Balder appears as an extremely attractive human male, often dressed simply but well.

Relationships & History

Balder is the son of the god Odin and the goddess Frigg. He is the father of Forseti, and He has numerous brothers, such as Thor and Vali.
Quick Descriptions:
Balder is an extremely attractive human male with long blonde hair and a smooth face. He is wearing a soft white tunic with yellow trim, and brown breeches.
Balder's temple is a sturdy, two story wooden ritual house. The front doors are intricately carved with symbols of the sun and sky. The interior is lined with thick wood columns, each engraved with Asgardian knots and patterns. A large iron brazier rests near the back of the room, shining on a detailed mural. Several rooms branch off the main chamber, and appear to be artisan studios.
Balder's cleric is a fit middle-aged man with very short blonde hair and a short beard. He is wearing a yellow tunic with an circular Asgardian knot pattern on the front. He also has on light brown breeches and soft leather shoes.
The Symbol of Balder - Gem-encrusted silver chalice
Symbol: Gem-encrusted silver chalice
God Alignment: NG
Worshipers Alignment
Good, Healing
Beauty, light, music, poetry, rebirth
Bards, gnomes
Plane: Asgard before death, Niflheim afterward
Weapon: Greatsword
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