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(pronounced for-SET-ee)
God of Justice, Peacemaker
Intermediate Deity
Forseti (Old Norse "the presiding one," actually "president" in modern Icelandic and Faroese) is the god of justice and reconciliation in Norse mythology.

Forseti is considered the wisest and most eloquent of gods of Asgard. In contrast to his fellow god Tyr, who presided over the bloody affairs of carnal law, Forseti presides over disputes resolved by mediation. He sits in his hall, dispensing justice to those who seek it and is said to be able to always provide a solution that all parties considered fair. Like his father Baldur, he is a gentle god who favors peace so all judged by him could live in safety as long as they upheld his sentence. Forseti was so respected that only the most solemn oaths are uttered in his name. Forseti knows when a lie is spoken anywhere in Gladsheim and has the power to make any mortal anywhere speak the truth, whether the individual wishes to or not.

He rules in the beautiful palace Glitnir with its pillars of red gold and its roof with inlaid silver, which serves as a court of justice and where all legal disputes are settled.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Forseti's clergy believe in justice, though they respect Asgardian traditions of revenge. They often act as judges, intermediaries, and arbitrators for their communities. They're generally respected for their talents in these fields. The clergy are quick to protect those involved in disputes, insisting that no one is guilty without a fair trial.

Forseti's priests often serve as advisors to their chieftains, and are sometimes entrusted with full authority to administer the law. They must always be fair and consistent in their advice or decisions, avoiding any temptation to use their positions to further their own interests


Forseti's temples resemble courtrooms and often serve as the same. Like other Asgardian temples, they also double as forts. Some temples also serve as the local jail. They contain small rooms for legal discussions and settlements, libraries of local laws, and armories. Though Halflings prefer neutrality for different reasons, they find Forseti's temples comforting and welcoming for their lack of bias.

Visitors to Forseti's temples find them quieter and more restrained than other Asgardian temples, particularly if court is in session. Those seeking assistance in resolving a dispute can request a private conference with at least one member of the clergy.


Forseti is most concerned with justice and truth. Whenever a body of men gathers to make laws, there is a 10% chance that Forseti's will send aid to them. If this body is making laws that affect more than fifty thousand people, One of his followers is sure to appear at the meeting disguised as one of the lords who has a right to attend the meeting. There is a 10% chance that he will send aid those trying to throw off the rule of an unjust tyrant.

Forseti's cult believes that ethics and morality originate from the lawmakers and rulers. True justice can only come from staying impartial. His worshipers teach the value of judges and arbitrators to society, and seek to develop the same unbiased sense of justice through Forseti's teachings.

Appearance, Manifestations

In his true form, Forseti is a handsome man dressed in a tunic of gold and breeches of silver.

Relationships & History

Forseti is the son of the god Balder and his mother is Nanna.
Quick Descriptions:
Forseti is a handsome man with a long bushy brown beard. He is dressed in a gold tunic and silver breeches. He has a large longsword hanging at his waist.
Forseti's temple is a solid wooden Asgardian structure with thick doors. The interior is well-lit with iron wall sconces. The main chamber is setup like a courthouse, with a large stone throne against the far wall, flanked on both sides by wooden chairs. In front of the throne is a stone altar with a bowl in the middle. Four rows of benches are facing the altar. To the right is an archway, that leads to a room full of bookshelves.
Forseti's cleric is a stong older man, with a short white beard, tied at the bottom with a leather strap. He is wearing a yellow tunic, with a thick leather belt. He has on brown breeches and soft leather sandals.
The Symbol of Forseti - Head of a bearded man
Symbol: Head of a bearded man
God Alignment: N
Worshipers Alignment
Protection, Strength
Justice, law
Paladins, judges, attorneys, halflings
Plane: Asgard
Weapon: Longsword
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