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(pronounced FRAY)
God of Sunlight and the Elves
Greater Deity
Frey (also spelled freyr) is the chief god of agriculture. Despite his peaceful portfolio, Frey is fated to fight Surtur at Ragnarok with his bare hands, having given his dwarf-forged magic sword to his shield-man Skirnir.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Frey's clergy rarely wear armor or carry weapons when not actively adventuring, though they are quick to take up arms and armor against those who threaten to despoil the land. When encountered in the fields, only their holy symbols mark them as different from the other farmers. Communities with strong ties to Frey often have large elf populations or stand near forests containing elf villages.


Frey's temples are rare in urban areas.Those seeking him are better advised to look in rural areas among the farmers and ranchers who particularly revere him. The large wooden halls generally contain a watchtower both to guard the fields and to observe the weather. Surrounding the halls are horse stables, armories (since weapons aren't permitted in the temple), granaries, seed stores, and many small thriving vegetable gardens. Frey's temples often breed the best horses in the region. Weapons are banned outright in his temples, and bloodshed in places sacred to him is taboo.

Visitors to Frey's temples receive friendly welcomes, with true warmth reserved for sylvan, fey, and elf worshipers. Those with news of threats to the land or to the local elves receive the full attention of the clergy. Good rangers and druids can count on a place to sleep and a free meal at any of Frey's temples.


Frey's cult concerns itself with the daily affairs of those who live off the land. The clergy work in the fields and forests alongside the faithful, providing good examples of proper stewardship. They freely dispense advice when asked, but look favorably on those who learn from their example rather than their words. Frey expects his worshipers to learn from the clergy and to practice efficient use of the available land. He despises waste and teaches his followers to respect and cherish the bounty of the land.

Appearance, Manifestations

Frey is usually depicted as a virile, muscular man with long flowing hair. Often, he is carrying a sword and he is almost always accompanied by his gigantic golden-bristled boar, Gullinbursti. Since Frey is both the son of the ocean god and himself the sun god, we can see both of those themes in artwork that depicts him. Some images will show him holding an antler, since in one of his myths he is forced to give his sword away and must make do with an antler instead. As a god of fertility, Frey is sometimes shown as a man who is very well-endowed.

Relationships & History

Like nearly all of the Norse gods, Frey is part giant – in this case, on his mother’s side. He’s the son of the frost giantess, Skadi, and the god of the sea, Njord. He is also the twin brother of his equally beautiful and famous sister Freya. His sister rules over much that Frey does, but additionally presides over death and war.
Quick Descriptions:
Frey is a muscular young man with long flowing brown hair and a short beard. He is wearing a tan tunic and brown breeches, and carrying a long sword. A giant golden-bristled boar sits at his side.
A large wooden structure with a tall steeple sits in the middle of the farming community. You notice a small garden to the side of the building, and an assortment of farming tools near the main door. The interior is spacious, and lit by a large stone fire pit in the middle of the room. The walls are adorned with tall green banners. A stone altar rest near the back wall. You can see a doorway with stairs leading up near the back of the room.
Frey's cleric is wearing a simple tan tunic and brown breeches, similar to many of the local farmhands. He is wearing a thin rope necklace with a small wooden medallion, engraved with the symbol of a sword painted blue.
The Symbol of Frey - Ice-blue greatsword
Symbol: Ice-blue greatsword
God Alignment: NG
Worshipers Alignment
Air, Good, Plant, Sun
Agriculture, fertility, harvest, sun
Druids, rangers, farmers, husbands, wives, elves, gnomes, half-elves, halflings
Plane: Asgard
Weapon: Greatsword
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