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(pronounced FRIG-ga)
Goddess of the Atmosphere, Queen of the Gods
Greater Deity
Frigga is the wife of Odin, queen of the Aesir, and goddess of the sky. One of the Asynjur, she is a goddess of marriage, motherhood, fertility, love, household management, and domestic arts.

Her primary functions are as wife and mother, but these are not her only functions. She has the power of prophecy although she does not tell what she knows , and is the only one other than Odin who is permitted to sit on his high seat Hlidskjalf and look out over the universe. She also participates in the Wild Hunt along with her husband, Odin.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Priests of Frigga must be married women. They are expected to watch over their home and set a good example for other wives by not letting their husbands stray too far out of the marital fold. If the husband of a priestess of Frigga practices the common Norse custom of taking a second wife, the priestess must divorce him immediately. They must also serve as midwives.

Frigga's clergy are simple folks rooted in the realities of daily life. They understand the pressures of feeding a family and the concerns associated with childbirth. They work to assist and support the faithful, and to provide comfort when needed. The clergy often serve double duty as local midwives for both people and livestock. If wild animals are ill or injured, Frigga's clergy travel the wilderness seeking, and dealing with, the source.


Priestesses of Frigga almost uniformly wear ceremonial robes made of homespun and are the color of the sky, with white bands on the sleeves to denote rank. Priestesses of Frigga very rarely go on adventures that are not directly connected with their purview but if they do, they come well prepared an well-equipped.


Frigga's temples are just as strong and defensible as those of other Asgardians, but they tend to be simpler and smaller. They contain collections of scrying instruments, private rooms where clergy and faithful can confer, and small stores of healing supplies.

Those in rural areas may have wild animal hospitals. Communities of settled Halflings may have their own temple, or may share one with neighboring communities.

Visitors to Frigga's temples find the comfort of a warm, dry place to rest. Those truly in need find that the clerics' courtesy and generosity are bounded only by a desire to see the supplicant become self-sufficient.


To serve the All-Mother is to serve your husband and community. Do everything in your power to contribute to your marriage in a positive manner, and do not let your husband stray too far. Watch over and assist the other married women in your community. If they are the subject of cruelty by their husbands, then you are to exact a vengeance for them. Help to bring healthy children into the world by serving as a midwife. Lastly, watch over and help your community, but do not do so overtly unless forced to.

Appearance, Manifestations

Frigga is mostly depicted as a beautiful and strong spirited woman. In many pictures, she is shown with her husband Odin, paying tribute to her strong role as a wife in Norse mythology. She is often pictured against soft and beautiful backgrounds, which seem to symbolize her calming nature.

Relationships & History

Frigga was married to Odin and they had a family together. Because of his untimely death, Balder is the first child many associate with the goddess.
Quick Descriptions:
Frigga is a beautiful human female. She has long blonde hair, braided down the sides, and a gold crown circlet. She is wearing a long red dress with white trim.
Frigga's temple is one of the smaller buildings in the village. There is a large stone hearth to the right of the entrance with several comfortable chairs. Farther back is a large iron brazier and a sturdy stone altar. The walls are adorned with several paintings. There are several doorways leading off into other rooms.
Frigga's priestess is wearing a ceremonial homespun robe the color of the sky, with several white bands on the sleeves. She has long, brown hair braided down her back. She is wearing a thin roped necklace with a small gold medallion.
The Symbol of Frigga - Large cat
Symbol: Large cat
God Alignment: N
Worshipers Alignment
Air, Animal, Community
Birth, fertility, love
Druids, lovers, diviners, husbands, wives, halflings
Plane: Asgard (Fensalir)
Weapon: Natural weapons (of the animal whose form she assumes)
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