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(pronounced LOH-kee)
God of Mischief, Strife, and Fire; The Sly One, The Trickster, The Shape Changer, The Sky Traveler
Greater Deity
Loki is primarily the Asgardian god of mischief, although he also has other lesser known domains such as Temptation and Chaos. Loki excels at subverting order and finding solutions and answers the other gods never consider. Restless and easily bored, Loki often amuses himself by playing practical jokes on the other gods. He can take many different forms and often becomes female. Loki is responsible for most of the gods' greatest treasures, challenging the dwarves to outdo their gift of Sif's hair.

Not until Ragnarok approaches does Loki truly become evil and malicious. For his role in Balder's death, Odin turns one of Loki's sons, Vali, into a wolf and sets him on another son, Narfi. The gods use Narfi's entrails to bind Loki in a cave, and they set a poisonous snake over him to drip venom into his wounds. Loki's wife, Sigyn, stays with him and tries to protect him from the venom. When the venom splashes on Loki, his pained spasms are the source of earthquakes. Loki is destined to break free for Ragnarok.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Like the cult members, Loki's clergy keep their nature quiet. They generally have other professions in addition to their roles as clerics, and many are rogues or sorcerers.


Temples to Loki are windowless places, often below ground, lit by torches and other fires. From the outside they appear to be legitimate businesses or the entrances to small, simple caves. The temples include supplies of weapons, poisons, and other tools of mayhem in addition to resources for committing practical jokes.

Visitors to Loki's temples are rare. Those who find them generally do so purposefully, because they seek initiation or are already members of the cult. People who stumble across them find themselves treated with suspicious curiosity at best and outright violence at worst. Giants, on the other hand, receive warm welcomes and the support of the members and clergy.


Loki's cult is generally hidden. Despite having a constructive role in society, the cult commands little respect and known members may find themselves ostracized. The cultists believe they aid people through practical jokes and humor. Though outsiders may consider the jokes cruel, they're rarely deliberately harmful. Instead, they're meant to encourage their victims to look at life from another perspective and to gain insight by doing so. Darker forms of the cult teach assassination, murder, mayhem, and all forms of worldly chaos. These sinister versions of the cult are more common after Balder's death, as Loki takes sides with the giants against the Asgardians.

Appearance, Manifestations

Loki is mentioned being handsome and slick, having blonde hair, high cheekbones and perfect teeth. He is mentioned looking intimidating and cruel, but not by any means stupid. Loki often wears stylish clothing.

Relationships & History

His father is the giant Farbauti and his mother is Laufey or Nal. Laufey/Nal could be a goddess, a giantess, or something else entirely – the surviving sources are silent on this point. Through the giantess Angrboda, Loki is the father of Hel (the goddess of the underworld), Jormungand (the great serpent who slays Thor during Ragnarok) and Fenrir (the wolf who bites off one of the hands of Tyr and who kills Odin during Ragnarok) – hardly a reputable brood, to say the least. Loki demonstrates a complete lack of concern for the well-being of his fellow gods. With his proper wife Sigyn, he also has a son named Narfi.
Quick Descriptions:
Loki is a handsome human male with blonde hair, high cheekbones and perfect teeth. He is wearing a stylish purple tunic with a yellow trim, and leather breeches.
The cave tunnel opens to a small room, with another exit at the far end. Two torches light room, one near each archway. There is a crude table against the left wall with various tools and weapons, and a rudimentary alchemy table to the right. In the middle of the room is a stone pedestal with a brass offering bowl in the middle.
The cleric of loki is wearing a simple tunic and breeches, which is common for most of the villagers. He has short, dark brown hair, and a sheathed dagger at his hip.
The Symbol of Loki - Flame
Symbol: Flame
God Alignment: CE
Worshipers Alignment
Trickery, Chaos, Destruction, Evil
Thieves, trickery, murder
Rogues, assassins
Plane: Asgard before Balder's death, Midgard afterward
Weapon: Dagger
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