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(pronounced nee-YORD)
God of the Sea and Winds
Intermediate Deity
Njord was particularly associated with wealth, fertility, the sea, and seafaring in the Vikings' religion. Those who seek wealth or abundance in fishing pray to Njord. A saying among the Norse peoples held especially wealthy people to be "as rich as Njord." Njord is one of the principal gods of the Vanir tribe (a group of Asgardian gods associated with nature, fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future) of deities.

Njord is one of the principal gods of the Vanir tribe of deities. He’s also an honorary member of the Aesir gods, having been sent to them during the Aesir-Vanir War along with his son, Freyr, and his daughter, Freya.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Sailors, merchants and fishermen will pray to Njord to calm the seas when their ship is caught in a storm. Fishermen seeking a good haul will likewise pray to Njord. Sacrifices to Njord are made by dropping ale and baked fish into the sea. Njord is gentle and easily placated, and does not require much more than this to earn his favor.

Njord's clergy are most common near the sea, but can also be found along navigable rivers and lakes with connections to the sea. Most display weathering and scars from lives spent in, on, and around the water.


Njord's temples are sturdy structures meant to withstand the trials of coastal weather. They generally sit right on the water and have their own docks. Most temples have storage for sail canvas, ropes, tar, paint, and other boating supplies. Those in larger urban centers often have secret vaults containing wealth gleaned from the sea and fees charged for aiding in business negotiations.

Visitors to Njord's temples find the fare plain but filling. Clergy and faithful draw owners of seagoing vessels into conversation. Others are largely ignored unless they bring information about shoals, currents, weather, or other conditions hazardous to ships.


Where Aegir's cult threatens and glowers, Njord's cult smiles. This cult supports those who make a living from the bounty of the sea through trade, fishing, shipbuilding, or supplying the needs of the other three. Njord's cult numbers many prominent business people among its members. When Aegir's cultists mock them for their relatively mean tables and their preference for sailing within sight of the shore, Njord's worshipers only look at their growing treasuries and smile.

Appearance, Manifestations

Njord is a handsome bearded man. He stands at seven feet tall, although he can change his size at will, and is exceptionally muscular. He frequently wade barefoot in the ocean. Njord is said to be gentle. His favorite foods are ale and baked fish.

Relationships & History

Njord was once married to Nerthus, a goddess better known among followers of the Anglo-Saxon pantheon. Njord is the father of Frey and Freya, birthed by Nerthus.

Following the Aesir-Vanir war, Njord married the giantess Skadi, who selected him based on his exceptionally beautiful and clean feet — though they later divorced. As a deity of the mountains, she was uncomfortable on the coastlines, so they could never agree where to live. Their movements between homes created the seasons.
Quick Descriptions:
Njord is a handsome, muscular man standing over seven feet tall. He has long red hair and a full beard. He is wearing a tan tunic, brown breeches and is barefoot.
Njord's temple is an old boathouse sitting right on the water, with a dock extending out the back. It is a sturdy wooden structure with solid beams. The doors are thick and made to withstand the elements. There are tall windows, with wooden shutters that are currently opened. The interior gets ample light from the windows, but several unlit braziers are located against the right wall. Fishing nets hang from the ceiling and poles are lined along the back wall, near the dock exit. A stone altar is located against the left wall, and covered with various offerings to the god.
Njord's priest is wearing a simple brown robe. He is an older gentleman, with a stocky frame. He has a long shaggy beard and tan wrinkled skin. His has weathered, calloused hands, and is barefoot.
The Symbol of Njord - Gold coin
Symbol: Gold coin
God Alignment: NG
Worshipers Alignment
Air, Good, Water
Commerce, sea, wind
Sailors, fishermen, those who depend on the sea for a living
Plane: Asgard
Weapon: Longspear
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