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(pronounced SIF)
Goddess of Excellence and Skill in Battle
Lesser Deity
Sif is the goddess of excellence and skill, as well as being a superb warrior-woman. Married to Thor, she is also the embodiment of conjugal fidelity. Loki once played a cruel trick on her by cutting off all of her beautiful golden hair. When Sif's angry husband came to take revenge, Loki was forced to replace the hair with locks of real gold which grew just like true hair. This hair had been crafted by a pair of clever dwarves who, flushed with their success, went on to create many other wondrous items, such as Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Odin's spear Gungnir, and his ring Draupnir.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Sif's clergy are predominantly, but not entirely, female. They are strong, capable people with quick wits and combat skills. Priests of Sif must be dedicated to excellence in all things. If they are married, they must always behave within the boundaries of the conjugal relationship.


Many of Sif's cleric dye a lock or braid of hair blonde, or braid yellow ribbons in their hair in emulation of their patron deity.


Sif's temples are sturdy, defensible structures that contain training halls for individual combat skills. They also contain extensive armories. In addition, many of Sif's temples contain dormitories for women escaping abusive relationships or who have been injured or crippled in battle.

Visitors to Sif's temples are ignored unless they carry weapons openly. Those who do so can expect challenges from the clergy and members of the cult to single combat. Such challenges are generally fought to the first fall or first blood, and are intended solely to discover if the visitor knows how to use the weapon that she carries. Those who cannot, do not, or will not fight are ignored and treated with disdain. Those who do are welcomed.


Sif's cultists are generally excellent fighters of all sorts, and many are weapon masters. Those looking for instruction in the martial arts are well advised to seek one of her cults or temples. Like her husband, Sif concerns herself with individuals involved in combat. Where Thor emphasizes physical prowess, Sif emphasizes skill. Goodnatured challenges between the two cults are common.

Appearance, Manifestations

In her true form, Sif is slender woman of great beauty. She has locks of pure gold, and often carries a long sword with her.

Relationships & History

Sif is the wife of Thor and the mother of Uller. Her
Quick Descriptions:
Sif is a slender, beautiful woman with hair of pure gold. She is wearing a light blue gown, with dark blue trim and a gold chain belt. She has a gold broach, and a gold armband. At her hip is a sheathed longsword.
Sif's temple is a open hall with tall, open windows. Many women mill about, some of which are priestesses. The structure is made of sturdy wood with tall engraved pillars and ceramic floors. The walls are adorned with various paintings and lit sconces. In the middle of the chamber is a wooden table with several offering bowls on top.
Sif's priestess has long brown hair which is braided down the sides. One braid has been dyed blonde in support of her patron. She wears a soft yellow robe, with a leather belt. She has a gold necklace and several rings.
The Symbol of Sif - Upraised sword
Symbol: Upraised sword
God Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignment
Chaos, Good
War, dueling
Barbarians, fighters, paladins, rangers, combat instructors
Plane: Asgard
Weapon: Longsword
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