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(pronounced THOR)
God of Thunder, Guardian of Asgard
Greater Deity
Thor is the Norse God of Storms and Strength, the son of Odin and generally one of the most important figures in the Nordic pantheon. Thor calls his follower to protect the weak and fight tryanny and all evil no matter what the self cost is. He is considered to be the protector of all Midgard, and he wields the mighty hammer Mjollnir.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Thor's cult is popular among soldiers, and communities welcome the cult for its strong role in local defenses. The clergy are most likely seen wearing armor and carrying warhammers. They often patrol their communities, on the alert for any threat. Their earthy natures and straightforward demeanor make them popular with the common folk. Half-orcs often find acceptance in human communities as Thor's clerics.


Like Odin's temples, the interiors of Thor's temples are raucous places where beer, mead, and ale flow freely, hot food is plentiful, and physical challenges are constant entertainment. Also like Odin's temples, Thor's temples quickly transform into sturdy forts. They generally contain an armory, a bell tower for sounding local alarms, and when they don't contain a smithy, there's generally one nearby. Rooms are set aside for quiet offerings to appease and pray for Thor to moderate his storms. Thor's temples are common in mountainous regions, shared between human and dwarf communities.

Parishioners greet visitors to Thor's temples by challenging them to a drinking contest, a foot race, or a wrestling match. Greetings are always boisterous, and many visitors find the noise and confusion daunting. Both clergy and faithful are quick to respond if visitors bring news of threats to the community.


The measure of a person lies in how they face and handle challenges. Fight evil and tyranny wherever it is found. Protect the weak and help the good. Boast of the many good deeds inside of drinking halls with good mead. The mighty Thor, and his followers, would never bring harm to the weak, nor side with tyranny wherever it is. And do not ignore plees of protection (unless it is from someone who is evil).

Thor teaches that violent storms are a necessity, since they sweep aside weak structures, wash away detritus, and can reveal new resources. In battle, physical prowess is foremost, and often skirmish with others about the power of strength over skill. We promotes military readiness and encourage our members to seek martial training of all sorts.

Appearance, Manifestations

Thor is strength personified. Most artistic representations of him show him with a ferocious appearance but despite this, he was still one of the most popular and well-received gods. He is known for his red beard and long flowing hair. He has a battle chariot that is drawn by two goats, and his hammer Mjollnir causes the lightning that flashes across the sky.

Relationships & History

Thor's father was Odin, the god of war and death. Thor married Sif, the goddess of fertility. Despite this, they never had children together. Thor did have a mistress though named Jarnsaxa. Together, they had Magni, Modi, and Thrud.
Quick Descriptions:
Thor is a muscular human with long flowing red hair and a thick beard. He is wearing a red tunic and dark brown breeches. He is carrying his hammer, Mjollnir.
Thor's temple is a large wooden longhouse, with fortified pillars and thick wooden doors. The interior resembles a large feast hall, with a burning hearth against the far wall. The walls are painted with depictions of great battles, and metal braziers line the walls. The structure is supported by intricately carved oaken pillars. Various doorways extend further into the structure.
Thor's priest is a middle-aged man with a muscular frame, and a soft belly. He has a thick brown beard and is starting to gray. He is wearing a red tunic and brown breeches.
The Symbol of Thor - Hammer
Symbol: Hammer
God Alignment: CG
Worshipers Alignment
Tempest, Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength
Storms, thunder, war
Barbarians, fighters, paladins, rangers, farmers, dwarves, half-orcs
Plane: Asgard
Weapon: Warhammer
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