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(pronounced TEER)
God of Courage and Strategy
Intermediate Deity
Tyr is the Asgardian god of War (some say he is an aspect of the Faerûnian diety of the same name), but also the god who presides over matters of law and justice. He is considered the most senior Aesir after Odin and Thor, and the most courageous of the gods. He wields great power in battle, and like his father can dictate the outcome. Wise warriors invoke Tyr before entering battle. Tyr's life is tangled up with monstrous wolves. He lost his right hand to Fenrir while the gods bound the son of Loki. At Ragnarok, he and Garm are destined to die fighting each other.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Tyr's clergy work to develop their skills fighting with a weapon in their left hand, if they're not already left-handed. When conducting their religious duties, they generally wear a closed leather sleeve over their right arm and hand in emulation of their deity. While they're often warm, understanding, and encouraging, their patience has limits. Those who refuse to face life with courage have only so long to change before Tyr's clergy leaves them to suffer the fate of their choices.


Tyr's temples are tightly organized fortresses with duty rosters and ceremony schedules posted for all to read. They contain armories and training halls, and may own fields where they can train locals in formation fighting and maneuver.

Visitors to Tyr's temples find the schedule will not bend to their needs. Those who actively support the schedule and organization find themselves welcomed. The clergy does not tolerate sloth, disorganization, or chaotic traits.


Tyr's cult teaches courage in everyday situations as well as in catastrophes or in battle. This is the courage of those who know their capabilities, not the courage of foolhardiness.

Tyr's cult understands the value of self-sacrifice, but differentiates between necessity and throwing one's life away. The cult teaches sacrifice for others as an ideal, while holding sacrifice for personal glory as anathema. Because of the cult's focus on sacrifice for others, it is welcomed in all but the most chaotic communities.

Appearance, Manifestations

Tyr appears as a powerful-looking bearded man who has lost his right hand.

Relationships & History

Tyr is one of Odin's sons by Frigga.
Quick Descriptions:
Tyr is a muscular man with long, dark brown hair and a full beard. He is wearing a gray fur cloak on top of a set of plate mail. He is missing his left hand, which is covered by a leather sleeve. He is carrying a longsword.
Tyr's temple is a fortified wooden structure with battlements and watchtowers. The doors are made of thick oaken beams, and the only windows are arrow slits. Several weapon racks stand adjacent to the entrance. The main chamber has a large sand sparing ring in the middle and the walls are decorated with engravings depicting great battles. At the back of the room is a large archway that leads to a room containing an enormous forge and anvil. Several other doorways lead to other areas in the temple.
Tyr's priest is a muscular man in his mid forties. He has long wavy blonde hair and a thick beard. He is wearing a long dark fur cloak, a white tunic and brown breeches. His right hand is covered by a leather sleeve, emulating their patron deity. At his hip is a longsword and dagger.
The Symbol of Tyr - Sword
Symbol: Sword
God Alignment: LN
Worshipers Alignment
Law, Protection
Courage, trust, strategy, tactics, writing
Fighters, monks, paladins, rangers, sages, dwarves
Plane: Asgard
Weapon: Longsword
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