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(pronounced EL-i-shar)
Intermediate Deity
Elishar is the god of light, positive energy, and prophecy. He is one half of a duelistic pantheon, opposing his counterpart, Toldoth (darkness, negative energy, destruction).

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

The Followers of the Light believe that they are called to spread the life of Elishar through the world, combating sickness and death wherever they find it. They plead with the followers of other religions (whom they believe are misled by Toldoth) to serve the Light. It is a point of doctrine among the Followers of the Light that Elishar and Toldoth will meet in a cosmic battle at some point in the not too distant future, and Elishar will emerge triumphant. To doubt Elishar's victory is a major heresy. Elishar's followers carry the responsibility of fighting the first battles of that war.

Elishar's clerics are charged to promote life and light by healing the sick and wounded. They also care for the poor, because poverty is viewed as a work of Toldoth, and defend people from Toldoth's mortal, immortal, and undead servants. Every act of good and compassion, they teach, enhances Elishar's power and robs Toldoth's strength.


Clerics of Elishar wear vestments of silver or gold while performing their ritual duties. Higher-ranking clerics often wear holy symbols or crowns enhanced with light spells to give them a radiant aura.


Elishar's temples are found throughout civilized lands — from roadside shrines to grand urban cathedrals. Most temples are constructed as works of art, inspiring in their beauty and enhanced with careful use of light, continual flame, and daylight spells. Followers gather in temples at least weekly, though clergy conduct services one or more times per day, usually in the morning.

Hymn to Elishar

A hymn to Elishar joyously proclaims:

Seed and source of life and light,
Goal of all our living:
You defend us from the night,
Healing and forgiving.
As our life flows from you only,
Let it be both pure and holy.


The followers of Elishar believe that life is the greatest power of the universe — the energy that animates living creatures is a good in itself. All evil and all things that hinder life's being experienced to the fullest come from Toldoth. Elishar is the source of life and of all things that contribute to life: every natural and supernatural blessing of health, wholeness, and energy.

Appearance, Manifestations

Elishar is a radiant being suffused with positive energy. It appears in many forms: a pulsating globe of light, a humanoid (either gender or androgynous) with brightly glowing silver or gold skin, or a ravid. Like a ravid, Elishar literally exudes life energy, and its mere presence is devastating to undead.

Relationships & History

Elishar strongly opposes his dark counterpart, Toldoth, in this duelistic pantheon.
Quick Descriptions:
Elishar is a bright form of light. You see a humanoid form with gold skin, but have to squint to see his vague form through the bright rays that hurt your eyes. He is literally exuding life energy.
Elishar's temple is a grand white marble circular structure with beautifully engraved columns and tall stained glass windows. The roof is slanted on the edges with red tiles, leading to a gold domed center. Inside is a large chancel with benches surrounding a central dias with a beautiful circular, marble altar that is engraved with gold inlays. Light streams in from the stain-glass windows, but magical orbs of light rest on the edges of the domed ceiling. The dome is painted with a beautiful showing Elishar defeating the evil Toldoth in battle.
Elishar's cleric is a human male, in his late 50's. He has a short white beard and a thinning head of hair with a glowing gold crown on his head. He is wearing a silver-white robe with a gold trim.
The Symbol of Elishar - A five-pointed star with another five-pointed star within its center
Symbol: A five-pointed star with another five-pointed star within its center
God Alignment: NG
Worshipers Alignment
Good, Luck, Protection, Sun
Positive energy, light, prophecy
Good and neutral mortals
Plane: Positive Energy Plane
Weapon: Scimitar
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