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(pronounced TOL-doth)
The Dark One, Mother of the Deformed
Intermediate Deity
Toldoth is the "dark" part of a duelistic religion. The enemy of the living and the Mother of the Deformed, Toldoth is a dark creature composed of negative energy (his counterpart, Elishar, is positive energy). He presides over darkness, destruction and negative energy.

Worshipers, Clergy & Temples

Most followers of Toldoth are monsters, many are undead, and few are humanoids, though dark cults of Toldoth exist throughout civilized lands.

Toldoth's servants revere the forces of death, destruction, and decay—all the things that sap life and strength from mortal bodies and souls. They crave personal power, many hope for eternal life through undeath, and they look to Toldoth as the source of all they desire. Toldoth is the source of all sickness, suffering, weakness, and death.

Followers of Toldoth delight in spreading sickness, pain, and calamity through the world, for they believe that they are increasing Toldoth's power in the world and assuring Toldoth's success in the final conflict against Elishar. Like their enemies in the church of Elishar, followers of Toldoth look forward to a final conflict between the two deities. They expect to see their patron emerge triumphant — and to be richly rewarded for their part in helping win that victory. Undead followers of Toldoth believe that all life will be extinguished in Toldoth's final victory, and that they are the rightful inheritors of the earth — the next step of evolution, so to speak, after mortal life.

Beyond their ritual duties, clerics of Toldoth are busy masterminding evil cults. They direct their minions in the full range of evil activities, from careful kidnappings and sacrifices to random violence and senseless slaughter. Often, their goal is simply evil for evil's own sake. Every act of evil perpetrated in the world gives strength to Toldoth and robs power from Elishar.


Toldoth's clergy wear robes of deep violet or black during their vile ceremonies. If they are not themselves undead (many are), they wear masks or change themselves with illusions to appear so.


In lands that have thrown in their lot with Toldoth — evil kingdoms and the realms of savage humanoids, for example — Toldoth's dark temples stand prominently with no need to hide. They are built with black stone and often swathed in spells of darkness and shadow. In lands where Toldoth's worship is forbidden, Toldoth's followers meet in secret, usually in basements, crypts, or dungeons. Whether in a temple or in a secret shrine, Toldoth's worshipers meet by night in total or near-total darkness.


Worshipers of Toldoth pray for their prayers at midnight, typically in a place of complete darkness. Many of their rituals include ritualistic killing and almost always take place at night. Necromany-like ceremonies are often associated with Toldolth's, such as raising the dead, or turning a creature into undead.


The Skotologia, an obscene book of prayers and teachings penned by the lich Dumekkra, includes these words, considered the best summation of Toldoth's teachings:

"Seek the dark, and give yourself to it. Let it suffuse you, hollow you out and fill you with its emptiness. Let it own you, and you find its power in your grasp. You possess the life that survives life’s extinction, the darkness that remains when the light is extinguished, the black flame that never stops burning. And when it has consumed your self, you will be one with it, sharing all its strength."

Appearance, Manifestations

Toldoth usually appears as a nightshade (any variety) or a wraith.

Relationships & History

Toldoth strongly opposes his light counterpart, Elishar, in this duelistic pantheon.
Quick Descriptions:
Toldoth appears a vaguely humanoid entity that seems to be draped in black hooded cloth. He drifts through the air, leaving a dark haze in its wake. There is nothing beneath its hood except for total blackness.
Toldoth's temple is a tall stone structure made of black stone. The outside walls are engraved with visages of death and decay. There are no windows. The 20-foot double doors are solid obsidian, with dark iron handles. Inside it is completely dark, but you smell death and decay.
Toldoth's cleric is a thin man with greasy black hair and dark eyes. He is wearing a robes of deep violet and carrying in longsword in his right hand. In his left, he slowly places a skull mask on his face and his form begins to shimmer. His skin peals away, and his muscles starts to decay. Before you stands a rotting corpse, with decaying muscles and bones showing in various places, all under the same purple robes.
The Symbol of Toldoth - Onyx disk
Symbol: Onyx disk
God Alignment: NE
Worshipers Alignment
Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength
Negative energy, darkness, destruction
Undead, evil and neutral mortals, monsters
Plane: Negative Energy Plane
Weapon: Battleaxe
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